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Level 1 The english language Skills

3847: Unit 307 Writing – using sentence structure, punctuation and spelling in writing


The contents with this worksheet, when ever correctly accomplished, cover most criteria attached with Unit 307. Dictionaries is probably not used until the question states that you should use one.

Day of conclusion:


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English Skills Level one particular Unit 307: Using sentence structure, punctuation and spelling on paper


Response the questions in this worksheet to show that you have got the skills needed to achieve this part of your qualification. Once you've finished the worksheet your tutor will tag it. Should your answers are appropriate, they will mail it on to be inspected. If it's permitted, your instructor will put it on your qualification proof portfolio. No longer worry should you have made some errors. Your tutor can get back to you and advise you upon where you need to do more function. You can then try again. Suppose I disagree with my personal tutor's tagging? Can I ask for it being reviewed? Yes. The first thing you should do is to get in touch with your tutor and enquire them to take a look at your worksheet again. If you remain unhappy with the tutor's decision you can ask for a completely independent review by learndirect. The tutor provides you with details if you require them. In case you have any issues that you can't crystal clear with your teacher, please contact Learner Companies on 0800 101 901. Note: You need to ask for an assessment within twenty days of receiving a marking or decision from your tutor.

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The english language Skills Level 1 Product 307: Using grammar, punctuation and punctuational in writing

Activity 1 Part A

Properly read the magazine article beneath and verify it for mistakes. Then, complete the job on the subsequent page.


Gretimai Stefanti and Viggio Deltoro set the date!

America's golden few Greta Stefanti and Viggio Deltoro, happen to be finally ready to tie the not. The pair on the group of ‘Just Friends'

The liked up actors, who attained while making ‘Our Lives', the popular longrunning soap, will be rumoured to get aranging a regular white marriage. When ask about her proposal, the celebrity replied " I are absolutely happy, but at this time we is both and so busy with work I don't know when we'll actually get around to planning it” Viggio Deltoro, grandson from the late uniform Vincenzo deltoro, had less to say about his engagement to the beautiful Greta. When asked he responded, " For what reason do you want to know. ” So…where will the wedding ceremony be. One source told us they was going to possess a traditional family members wedding at your home.

Greta is very close to her family but , due to her filming plan, doesn't reach spent all the time with them since she would such as this was one of the reasons she has chose to get married presently there. It is thought that all Viggio's friends and family will travel over intended for the wedding ceremony. one insider commented, " It's going to be a lavish affair. ” Greta is due to show on the hit chat display ‘Celeb Tonight'. Tune in to determine what the beautiful Miss Stefanti has to state about her forthcoming wedding. There will be different famous celebrities showing up on the same demonstrate Bruce Harris, Don Bondson and Jennifer Templeton.

This worksheet has become compiled employing resources provided by learndirect, Metropolis and Guilds, Pearson PLC. 10th Might 2013 v1. 1

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English language Skills Level 1 Unit 307: Employing grammar, punctuation and spelling in writing

1 . Complete the boxes listed below showing the corrections you would make for the text for the previous site. There are 13 mistakes as a whole: 2 absent full halts 1 lacking colon 2 missing capital letters a couple of missing query marks 2 instances in which the tense can be wrong two instances where subject plus the verb don't agree two spelling mistakes

2 Lacking full...

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