Marriott Cost of Capital

 Marriott Cost of Capital Essay

Marriott cost of capital

Objective: 1) Calculate the divisional plus the company expense of capital and explain the calculation.

2) Evaluate Marriott's use of organization cost-of-capital charge for the divisions.

Cost of Capital to get Lodging Division can be indicated as CC = We*Ce + Wd*Cd.

For the weights of debt and equity (We and Wd), the 1988 target-schedule rates of debt-to-assets and debt-to-equity were utilized as the only measures accessible in the case.

Cost of Fairness (Ce) was calculated depending on the CAPM formula. 30-year T-bond utilized as a long-term risk-free reliability to get the free of risk rate, since Marriott applied the cost of long-term debt for its lodging cost-of-capital calculations. The marketplace premium almost 8. 47 was your arithmetic-average pass on between the S& P 500 returns as well as the short-term US T-bills among 1926-1987. The foreign exchange market premium is consistent with the current academic recommendations and it absolutely was used in almost all calculations of this exercise.

The leveraged Beta (Bl) with the lodging section, needed for CAPM, was derived from the following equation: Bl=Bu(1+D/E), exactly where Bu is definitely the unleveraged Beta. Bu is at turn created from the weighted-average of the Bu's of the accommodations businesses succumbed the case. The weighted-average approach rather than a basic arithmetic-average approach was used to allow a more exact Bu of the overall market.

Cost of Financial debt (Cd) is defined as (risk-free rate)+the premium (Table A with the case). Once more, the 31 T-bond rate was used pertaining to the risk-free rate. Expense of Capital pertaining to Lodging is 13. 24%.

The CALIFORNIA Bu of today's accommodations industry is slightly above that in 1987, suggesting a slight embrace the business risk associated with the sector.

Cost of Capital for Cafe Division was calculated very much the same. The 1-year T-bill utilized as a normal shorter-term reliability to obtain the free of risk rate. The unleveraged Beta, used to get the leveraged Beta for the CAPM, was...

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