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Microsoft 70-432

TS: Microsoft SQL Storage space 2008,

Variation: TS: Microsoft company SQL Server 2008, Setup and Maintenance

Microsoft 70-432 Exam ISSUE NO: you You are a data source administrator in ABC. com. You have simply installed Microsoft company SQL Storage space Management Studio on one of ABC. com's workstations as well as the Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Studio. You have been requested to create a 12 table transactional package to be stored by using an offsite server's msdb data store. You choose that BIDS in this scenario is definitely an overkill and you plan to uninstall that. What power should you run to create the requested bundle? A. Use the bulk copy program. W. Use the DTS Designer. C. Use the Microsoft SQL Storage space Import and Export Wizard. D. Make use of Process Control Tool. Electronic. Use the Package deal Migration Sorcerer. F. Use the Process Control Tool G. Use the ISIS. Answer: C Explanation:

QUERY NO: two DRAG DROP You work as a data source administrator by ABC. com. ABC. com is by using a SQL Machine 2008 illustration that contains a database called ABC_DB1. As part of your backup approach to ABC_DB1, you need to do a Full backup every Saturday at 01: 00, you are doing a differential box backup weekdays at twenty-two: 00, and you do transactional log backup weekdays at 08: 00; 12: 00 and sixteen: 00. You may have received notice that the end user database information have failed on Thursday night at 12-15: 00. You need to ensure that ABC_DB1 are retrieve as quickly as possible with as small as likely amount of information loss. What steps in the event you take? Only use steps that apply.

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Microsoft 70-432 Exam


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Ms 70-432 Exam


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Microsoft 70-432 Exam

ISSUE NO: 3 DRAG DROP You are a data source administrator for ABC. com. ABC. com is utilizing a SQL Server 2008 instance that contains a database known as ABC_Prod. At night time a daily total backup of ABC_Prod is usually started for 03: 12-15, a differential box backup is conducted every 90 days minutes and a transaction log back-up is performed every 20 minutes.

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Ms 70-432 Test This particular day time your CEO has expected that you call and make an extra total backup through the lunch break starting at 11. 40. How can you meet up with her ask for while to get database back-up files in order for future copies and restored?



By using copy_only you do not affect the backup pattern.

Incorrect answer: trn' WITH DIFFERENTIAL; by doing this you currently affected the backup collection and you are only backing up the " Move Any Test. Any Time. " - 6

Microsoft 70-432 Examination transaction record.

QUESTION NO: 4 You work as a database manager at DASAR. com. DASAR. com can be using a SQL Server 2008 instance. The SQL Server 2008 occasion hosts quite a few applications. FONEM also has a server named ABC-SR43 which is used to store log files. You have to create a new work that shops log files about ABC-SR43. You create a new account ABC\Log_Account. You set up to be operate by the SQL Server Agent Services. Yet , your job fails to store virtually any log files on ABC-SR43. Following some exploration you notice the job does not have permissions to store files on ABC-SR43. How in the event you remedy the situation? Select the smartest choice. A. You should set up ABC\Log_Accoun as a Remote control Service bank account. B. You should set up ABC\Log_Accoun as a Website service bank account. C. You must set up ABC\Log_Accoun as a Local Service consideration. D. You should set up ABC\Log_Accoun as a Community System accounts. E. You should set up ABC\Log_Accoun as a Network Service account. F. You must set up ABC\Log_Account as a Domain account. Answer: F Justification: The assistance startup bank account defines the Microsoft House windows account through which SQL Server Agent operates and its network permissions. SQL Server Agent runs like a specified end user account. For...

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