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 Midsouth Chamber of Business a Essay


Case Study 1 -- Midsouth Chamber of Business (A)

Wednesday August twenty four, 2010

Brian Putallaz

Midsouth Chamber of Commerce, a nonprofit, member driven, business advocacy group is in the operations of improving their current information system. Midsouth features decided they must upgrade their particular information system to a even more currently program, in order to enhance revenue creating opportunities. Their original CAN BE system was built by simply an outside expert (who is no longer in business) on a department need bottom, rather than a business wide need. The original program was implement in 1987, with modifications done in 93, and 95. During this time every IS decision were made by simply outside consultants, since there are no internal IT staff.

During the planting season of mil novecentos e noventa e seis the decision was made to hire Sue Kovecki like a systems research. Simon reached MSCC direct out of college and without every single working with a membership firm or working with accounting software program. He was put into a difficult situation since the company which formerly built the system, was bankrupt so he previously no ‘road map” about how the software was built.

In 1998 there was reorganization and all computer system was place under Shaun Hedges website. This once again placed Claire in challenging position mainly because Mr. Hedges was because Vice President of Public Finance. Mr. Hedges lacked a technology background and often identified himself concerned about other jobs and also busy to attend to the technology side of his duties. The reorganization would have been a excellent opportunity to include a IS director to the ranks of upper management, nevertheless MSCC rejected to do so.

Later on in 1998 a conclusion was made to move to a finish new system, an BECAUSE 400 program called UNITRAK. This particular firm was selected by Leon Lassiter and was terribly vetted. The program was in its infancy, that were there only sold 1 copy, and alterations were continue to being made towards the software. During...

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