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Dec 12, 2013

Mise en scene of Bicycle Thieves

The major feature of Neorealist filmmaking is known as a concentration on the lives of ordinary people unable against adversity in the damage of the post occurences of WORLD WAR II. � They tend to focus on poor, working class people and the everyday lives, the socio-economic conditions of times, and the frustration and moral ambiguity which in turn results. � However , not merely was the subject material different that what had come prior to – Neorealism also created a distinctive way of film design.

By 1945, most of Cinecitt�, the large Both roman studio complex, had been damaged or was occupied simply by refugees and so sets were in short supply, while was camera and audio equipment. Consequently, Neorealist mise-en-scene relied upon actual site shooting (mainly outdoors), and its photographic job tended on the rawness of documentaries. � Shooting for the streets in addition to private complexes made German camera providers incredibly good at cinematography. Additionally , the lack of sound equipment (dialogue was named through post-synchronization) allowed for more compact crews and much greater liberty of movement. This more complex mise-en-scene and more skilled camerawork (the use of extended shots, profound focus, very long takes) allows for a multiplicity in the particulars. As such, the viewer has the capacity to select for themselves what is of importance and to search for their own meaning, rather than having this forced upon all of them (as with Soviet Montage). These attributes are plainly evident in the beginning scene of De Sica's 1948 neorealist classic,  Bicycle Thieves (below). One more major feature of Neorealism is the usage of non-professionals, actually in leading roles. � For the adult ‘star' of Bicycle Robbers, De Sica chose a factory worker – Lamberto Maggiorani: " The way he moved, just how he sitting down, his gestures with those hands of a functioning man but not of an acting professional … everything about him was perfect”.

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