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R Electronic V: Deb E C E M B Elizabeth R 18, 2002


Inside Intel Inside1

It was February 2002, and Pamela Pollace, vice president and movie director of Intel's worldwide promoting operations, completed reviewing a lot of recent researching the market and commenced preparing for an interview with a major magazine. Intel Corporation developed and marketed a variety of product or service that were used as the inspiration for numerous electronic devices. The business was most well known for its microprocessors, which could be seen in over 80% with the personal computers distributed worldwide.

Given that the LAPTOP OR COMPUTER market was considered comparatively mature, Pollace knew that a person question the journalist will almost certainly ask was: " Is Intel planning to extend its ‘Intel Inside' brand campaign to other merchandise categories, just like cell phones, PDAs, 2 and so on? ” It was the same question she asked herself every day, and yet it had been still a difficult question to resolve. The " Intel Inside” campaign was more than ten years old, and there was undoubtedly that the campaign had prevailed in creating one of the most useful brands in the world. But it was Pollace's primary responsibility to shield, sustain, and build that brand equity. The 15-year Intel veteran was familiar with all of the arguments for extending the rand name, but the lady was likewise acutely aware of the risks: " In thinking about extending our brand, we are absolutely exploring uncharted territory.... The most important issue regarding extending the brand name is whether—if we lengthen it—we will certainly dilute the brand in some way. The price of a mistake can be damaging every one of the brand collateral that we have worked so hard to generate. ”

History on Intel

Based in Santa Clara, A bunch of states, Intel was a semiconductor company—number 41 on the Fortune five-hundred list—with over 83, 500 employees and 2001 net revenues of $26. 5 billion. (See Exhibit you for chosen financial figures. ) The moment Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore...

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