Nitrogen Cycle

 Nitrogen Circuit Essay

The Nitrogen Cycle

The component nitrogen is important to living organisms. Nitrogen moves through the different environments by the way of the nitrogen pattern. Plants and microorganisms support nitrogen on its quest through the nitrogen cycle (Gruber and Galloway 2008, 293). In mother nature a limited range of bacteria varieties and blue-green algae are able to biologically fix nitrogen. These kinds of microorganisms transform nitrogen (N)2 to ammonium. Lightning has the capacity to fix nitrogen. It turns N2 to nitric o2 (NO). Nitrate is then made when it rains (Kinzig and Socolow year 1994, 24). The Nitrogen Cycle and Man Impact

Humans possess impacted biogeochemical cycles with their activities, especially the carbon dioxide and nitrogen cycle. The following sources intended for reactive nitrogen can lead to another influx of fixed nitrogen into the environment: industrial fertilizer, fossil fuel combustion, the increasing population, and livestock production (Hessen et al. 1997, 321). With the use of nitrogen in the agriculture process to enhance crop development mankind has greatly altered the nitrogen cycle (Gruber and Galloway 2008, 293). Nitrogen fertilizers work by fixing atmospheric nitrogen and so crops can easily consume the fixed form (Hessen ainsi que al. 1997, 321). The Haber-Bosch method is the common name just for this procedure, while using process being first industrially produced in the early twentieth 100 years (Jenkinson 2001, 3). With the world's inhabitants increasing the necessity for agriculture products only will continue to keep growing (Hessen ain al. 97, 321).

Culture impact. In terms of agriculture, individuals have affected the nitrogen cycle in some ways. One way is usually planting more leguminous plants such as soybeans and alfalfa. Nitrogen fixation rates happen to be increased simply by these seeds (Kinzig and Socolow 1994, 27). In Brazil, soybeans do not normally require nitrogen fertilizer because they do in america or Europe. Soybeans in that area have the ability to...

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