nvq level 2 unit 422-254

 nvq level 2 device 422-254 Dissertation

Understand Physical Impairment

Outcome you

1 . Clarify why it is important to recognise and value a person as a person

A. It is vital to recognise a person as a person as it is their very own human right to be seen consequently. If an individual is not really seen as a person it devalues them and isolates them from everyday society making them feel " different”.

2 . Describe the importance of recognising a person's strengths and abilities

A. Recognising a person's strengths and abilities stimulates independence and gives the person assurance in themselves. Confidence to use these kinds of strengths and abilities also gives the person a feeling of control over their own lives which in turn stimulates self-belief and confidence. Recognising strengths and abilities can also develop even more skills that help with the loves of rehabilitation.

three or more. Describe tips on how to work in a person centred way that fully consists of the individual.

A. Working in a person centred approach should completely involve the person which means proper care and a happier person. To work in a person centred way should require talking to the person about their needs and wants, discovering that they like things completed, and also identifying that people alter and so may well their care needs and routines and what they like. It is also essential to recognise that people get bored, so it is important to keep your likes of care programs live, and review with the individual as often as you can keep up with any changes and also to ensure the high requirements of designed care is given.

Outcome 2

1 ) Describe precisely what is meant by physical impairment

A. Physical disability can be any impairment that limitations function of 1 or more braches or impairments that limit the function of daily living just like blindness or perhaps epilepsy.

2 . Explain what a inborn disability can be

A. A congenital disability can be described as disability that is certainly present at birth and may become more recognisable since the individual ages, such congenital disabilities incorporate cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis etc .

3. Give samples of congenital problems and their causes.

A. Some examples of congenital disabilities will be spina bifida caused by the expectant mother lacking enough folic acid, medical history of pregnant woman, medication used whilst pregnant (epilepsy medicine for example) diabetes, and obesity while pregnant. Cerebral palsy is another sort of congenital disorders caused by untimely birth, the mother contracting infection, haemorrhages and sometimes harm to the brain after birth. Buff dystrophy, a different example, is usually caused by largely genetics and inheriting buff dystrophy.

5. Describe what progressive impairment is.

A. Progressive incapacity is a condition where once diagnosed, it really is expected to get worse over time.

your five. Give instances of progressive afflictions and presently there causes

A. Examples of modern disabilities happen to be, multiple sclerosis is due to the immune system attacking the fibres that cover neural endings (myelin) causing malfunction in interaction from nerves to the head, it is not regarded what causes this to happen nonetheless it is thought that all is mainly genes. Motor neurone disease in which the motor neurones lose their very own function, causes are not known however it is believed it is mainly genetic. Alzheimer's, the place that the brain structure is destroyed due to wastage to portion of the brain, the original causes happen to be unknown however factors which can be likely to trigger Alzheimer's will be, age, family history and ancestors, head traumas, vascular illnesses and down's syndrome.

End result 3

1 . Identify physical and social barriers that can have a disabling effect on an individual

A. Factors which could have a disabling impact on an individual will be; Prison lifestyle


Physical disability

Mental disability

Deficiency of education

Deficiency of support

Insufficient family suggestions

2 . Recognize positive and negative thinking towards people with a disability...

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