The American Pageant Section 1 Seraphin Tala Period 2 1 . Christopher Columbus: Was a qualified Italian seafarer who uncovered an tropical isle in the Bahamas on August 12, 1492. Appalachian Mountain range formed regarding 350 million years ago.

Ambito Polo: Was an Italian language adventurer.

Euskera de Gama: An explorer who come to India and acquired spices Bartholomeu Dias: An explorer who rounded the southernmost tip of Asia. Juan Ponce para Leon: Manager who discovered Florida.

Francisco Pizarro crushed the Incas of Peru in 1532

Francis Coronado: An manager who looked for the fabled golden urban centers. Hernan Cortes: An explorer who overcome the Aztecs.

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo: Investigated the California coast in 1542.

installment payments on your How a large number of ships would Christopher Columbus use for his initially voyage to the " " new world "? ”: Three What percentage of Natives perished? 90 percent

What started the Conquest of Mexico? This started once Hernan Educado sailed to Cuba with sixteen refreshing horses and lots of hundred men for breach.

3. Quell: To eliminate, to control, or put an end to.

Motley: Demonstrating great range of components.

4. Mcdougal uses a quotation from Barthlolome de Las Casas regarding the break down of the Indians. This offer was interesting because he expresses how much this individual thinks what was happening in the past was therefore horrible which it would be hard to believe.

5. What depressed myself the most was how ready people were in the past to go into combat and kill the Native Americans or perhaps conquest these people for the points they desired like precious metal. What impressed me was the bravery and courage those had in the past to fight for their dreams. It gives me personally the perception that discovering was a big part of European culture in the past.

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