Pride and Prejudice Circumstance

 Pride and Prejudice Context Essay

England back in the eighteenth – early nineteenth century

Major World Situations

5. 1810s – 1820s – Latin American wars of independence which in turn saw a large number of colonies in the region gain self-reliance, freeing themselves from The spanish language and Portuguese empires 5. 1810 – University of Berlin started and between its learners and faculty were Hegel and Marx 2. 1812 – The French breach of The ussr, which led to, the final defeat of Napoleon's French empire bringing about the refurbishment of the Bourbon monarchy in France. As being a direct response to the Napoleonic wars, the British empire became the most important world electrical power for the next century * 1812 – 1815 – Warfare between UNITED STATES and UK

Political Occasions

* Gradzino Percival assassinated in the House of Commons

2. The Uk are victorious over People from france armies at the Battle of Salamanca

Cultural Movements

* Society was heavily and clearly divided into the abundant areas of London, uk such as Regents Park and Regent Avenue in London wherever they were celebrating ‘regency style', beauty and fashion etc . and the less affluent locations where there was thieves, gambling and so forth * Pumpiing of prices of food and taxes for the Government, King and the Chapel crippled the indegent * Within the Industrial Trend, there were growing numbers of persons leaving facilities and the country to find work in the towns where there had been many new factories. This switch from rural to city saw an increase in slums and poverty in the major cities. (Jane Austen lived in the countryside, plus the focus of her novels are the charms and relative romantic endeavors of the country)

Social Mores


* A gentleman is often introduced to a woman never vice versa (a special case in the more basic rule a social inferior is always brought to a superior). This is why At the Bennet is horrified when ever Mr. Collins insists on introducing himself to Mr. Darcy. 5. If you meet up with a lady that you just only vaguely know, you should wait for her acknowledging ribbon and bow before you can suggestion your head wear to her. You never speak to her unless your woman speaks to you personally first. 5. If you fulfill a lady you understand well and she indicates that the girl wants to discuss, then you change and walk with her. You under no circumstances make her stand, speaking in a road. * For a public exhibition or concert, in the event accompanied by a girl, he goes into first to find her a seat. In the event he goes in the event alone in addition to ladies or perhaps older gentlemen present, in that case he removes his hat.


5. If single and below thirty, she actually is never to have the company of a man with out a chaperone. Apart from walking to church or a area in the early morning, she must be accompanied by an additional lady, a guy, or a servant. * A woman can never contact a man alone unless of course it is a professional or business matter 5. A lady by no means dances a lot more than three dances with the same partner 2. A lady should never ‘cut' an individual, that is, to get corrupted to admit their presence after experiencing them socially unless it truly is absolutely necessary. Simultaneously, only a lady is ever truly justified in cutting someone.

Placement and Function of Women in Society

* The eighteenth hundred years view that girls should take part in work nearby the home, whilst their husbands went out in to the world taken over in to the nineteenth century * Ladies were homemakers and the pain and simpleness of the feminine mind built home life even more amiable intended for the man who to deal with the corrupt, intricate world. She should be able to assist her spouse in his affairs, lighten his cares, calm his sorrows, strengthen his principles and educate his children 5. This potential of women was domesticity and marriage was your proper state in which to exercise domesticity * Piety brought cultural advantages by means of active engagement in the community as a member of the church/affiliated charitable world and such a position commanded the respect and praise from the community 5. If a man made any...

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