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Dealing with the Reasons lurking behind Crystal Sales Volume Fall

Marketing Research Project Report


Presented to: Dr . Nehal el Naggar

Table of Contents

Industry Overview3

Problem Definition3

Supervision problem3

Actions taken to identify the Market Study Problem4

Second data analysis4

Expert depth interviews6

Researching the market Problem Definition8

Research Objectives8

Theoretical Structure (Defining the Dependent & Independent Variables)9

Research Design9

Research Methodology10

Data Collection Sources & Tools10

Inhabitants & Sampling10

Data Analysis11

Brand/SKU use: 11

Motorists affecting the VG acquisitions: 11

Buy Habits following your revolution12

Brands' Availability in the market & buyers' reactions12

Call to mind & Evaluation of VG brands' Advertisements13

The Ravenscroft 0. a few Kg introduction13



Appendix I: Expert IDI – conversation guide line15

Appendix II: Quantitative exploration questionnaire17

Market Overview

Armamento Food Companies has launched a new product in the Egyptian market, Crystal Ghee, taken from the Oil mother brand Very. Tampering around the already well established brand graphic and existence of the Amazingly brand name, obtained within the herbal oils category, Arma wished to take this brand name further more and designed a new ghee brand accordingly. In Summer 2010, Batir launched two variants for the ghee Very brand, a single yellow as well as the other light. Introduction involves five sizes for each type, 1, two, 3, your five, 11KG. In 9 a few months, Crystal obtained a total sales volume of eight. 3%, adding huge challenges on the important players (Rawaby at 33% & Ganna at 23%) of the market. After this successful introduction, and although Arma launched an aggressive advertising campaign in Feb . 2011, Amazingly VG started to face fall in product sales volume. Trouble Definition

Supervision problem

After a successful advantages of " Crystal” inside the Egyptian ghee market in June 2010 with two variants, discolored & white colored. A sudden decrease in sales amount has occurred starting from Mar 2011. The regular monthly product sales volume drop was 11%

Management Concerns:

5. If Armamento would like to spend investment to gain sales, wherever should it be given? * Precisely what are the most effective approaches to accelerate revenue again? To distinguish the Promoting research issue definition, several steps had been taken Actions taken to determine the Market Analysis Problem

Secondary data research


2. Reach a better definition pertaining to the problem at your fingertips

* Develop an approach to the condition


* Full Audit Tracking research intended for the VG market by June 2010 till May well 2011, including volume stocks and shares, & measured distributions. 2. Usage & Attitude examine (Qualitative & Quantitative) held in July 2010 * Brand & ADVERTISEMENT evaluation analyze held in Drive 2011

2. Brand overall health tracking study held in Drive 2011

2. Consumer Self confidence tracking study from 03 2011 till May 2011 Findings:

* Starting from Jan'11, It was pointed out that the Key Size (2 KG) is shedding sales quantity for zero. 5KG, 1KG, & +10KG (which comes mainly because loose ghee)

* Ravenscroft 1 KG started to gain sales quantity share in favor of Crystal 2KG

* Very little switching among different Ghee types since Dec'10

2. All the high grade tier brands are facing decline in sales in return for the mid-lower tier Brands

* Syndication level of Amazingly VG is 50% lower than that of the key rivals (Rawaby & Ganna)

2. Due to decrease in income & Pressures on consumers, They are more conscious of managing/decreasing all their expenditures, Origin: Market Heart beat consumer confidence research

2. They have started to decide if to buy less costly brands, smaller packs, or decrease usage Source: Marketplace Pulse buyer confidence research

Expert interesting depth interviews


* Explore The impact in sales before than following your...

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