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A) Denaturation of egg white


Egg albumen in raw ovum is opalescent and does not show up white until it is crushed or cooked. When we diluted the egg white with water we observed which the colour with turned an extremely pale yellowish. A yellow cast in raw light may indicate the presence of riboflavin.





1) Tube in 60ºC


No adjustments

2) Pipe at 80ºC

2: 05 min

Along with yellow started to be milky white and the egg white considered a rubbery substance. 3) Tube with 1M Acetic Acid

After five drops

Right after we added Acetic Acid, pockets start to form around that. The solution, just before transparent, became cloudy. Cloudiness of the uncooked white is a result of the presence of carbon 4) Tube with 5M CaCl

Simply no change following 10 drops

In the beginning, after two drops we observed small milky light pieces inside the solution, although we assumed that it wasn't important. Apart from that, there is no different changes. 5) Tube with equal quantity (20ml)


There was a splitting up between the distilled water and the egg light. Also, a half-transparent jelly-like structure was created into a helix in the middle of the solution.


1) As it gets hot, its proteins slowly and gradually start to uncoil.

2) Some of these uncoiled proteins—called ovotransferrin—begin to relationship with each other, creating a matrix, and turning the egg white-colored milky and jelly-like. But if we had anxiously waited longer, the key protein in egg whites—ovalbumin—will cross-link and solidify, providing a totally company egg white colored. (1)

3) Eggs include something called " calcium supplements carbonate".   This is what makes them hard.   Vinegar is a great acid known as acetic acid. When calcium carbonate (the egg) and acetic acid (the vinegar) combine, a chemical reaction takes place and carbon dioxide (a gas) is unveiled. This is what the bubbles are constructed with.

4) The solution was...

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