Psychoanalytic Approach to Character

 Psychoanalytic Method of Personality Composition

Psychoanalytic Method to Personality



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Psychoanalytic Method of Personality

There are many notable individuals but most of them have their personal theories relating the different issues and the matter of character approached by simply psychoanalysis, we now have Freud, Alfred Adler, and Carl Jung on the list whose theories have got a bit um similarities and a the same time contrast the other person. These advocates developed their theories years ago and lots of argue that that they no longer can be applied or that there are some flaws with all of them. Freud is a psychologist whom developed the idea of psychoanalysis and this individual explains that it has an effect on kinds personality.

To understand and be able to assess the psychoanalytic approach to character we must first understand the psychoanalytic theories. Psychoanalysis is Freud's psychoanalytic theory According to Myers (2010), psychoanalysis can be described as theory manufactured by Freud in personality that attributes thoughts and actions to selected unconscious purposes and disputes. It is also a method used in dealing with psychological disorders by seeing to expose and interpret conscious tensions. Freud's psychoanalytic theory linked to the man personality was obviously a way to derive bonding systems of the personality. Freud's view on a persons personality was one where he was it including thoughts and strivings from clashes between urges and constraint between the person's aggressions, pleasure-seeking biological urges (Myers, 2010). According to Freud, the interacting devices of individuality can be identified as being the id, spirit, and superego. The identity is basically then simply unconscious psychic energy that strives to satisfy basic hard drives and runs on the pleasure theory. On the other hand we have the spirit as operating on realistic principle, and making account for possible long term pleasure above short-term enjoyment. The superego is the words of our meaningful conscience that forces the ego to consider not simply the real but...

References: Myers, D. G. (2010). Mindset. New York: Worth Publishers.

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