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Learning to be a professional inside the

lifelong learning sector – roles,

responsibilities and boundaries

Chapter overview

When you have worked well through this chapter about becoming a specialist you will be able to:

Describe what is meant by ‘lifelong learning sector' Clarify the current drive towards professionalism in the long term learning sector and its effects for those employed in it

Assessment the tasks, responsibilities and boundaries of professionals in the sector

Identify different points of recommendation to meet the needs of learners

Recognise key areas of relevant current legislative requirements and codes of practice relevant to your own circumstance

Teaching in the lifelong learning sector

In case you are reading this book we anticipate that you are preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector and could well want to consider gaining the PTLLS Merit. So what performs this lifelong learning sector appear to be? It is a sector that covers all openly funded post-16 education outdoors universities; this takes place in many of corporations including Further more Education (FE) colleges, adult and community education, exclusive training services of work-based learning, your local library, archives and information solutions and prisons. Some interesting facts about the lifelong learning sector arise:

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one particular Three-quarters of learners happen to be 19+ and part-time

two There are more 16–19-year-olds in colleges of FE as compared to sixth forms in secondary schools

a few Learners vary from those who are not able to read, publish or connect to those for post-degree level

4 You will discover more learners in FE colleges as compared to universities your five One in five adults are currently learning, with 42% of adults having took part in in some learning activity during the past three years

6 Over ВЈ19 billion was spent on this kind of sector in 2008

several The majority of the labor force is female

8 Or perhaps teaching personnel in CONFIANZA outnumber a lot of the time teaching staff by almost 2: you Is this a picture that you recognize? The position of a specialist in the ongoing learning sector is therefore extremely diverse; you may be known as lecturer, a tutor, a trainer, an instructor, an assessor, a work-based learning or perhaps an beginner supervisor, a learning manager or a penitentiary education official. Some of you might have gained abilities and experience through another trade or profession, by way of example as a great engineer, hairdresser or bricklayer. What you will likely have in common is that you will almost all have a teaching or training function with learners aged of sixteen and over. For the purpose of this book we will use the term ‘teacher' generically to utilize to all these kinds of various roles and ‘learner' to apply to those who you may also call college students, pupils or perhaps apprentices. Professional teachers in the lifelong learning sector likewise share in the common purpose of serving the needs of learners, organisations and the community. They deal with the difficulties of doing work in a framework which is different and quickly changing. Earlier times decade offers seen significant change for the sector; the next decade will be designated by the emergence of new money bodies overtaking from the Learning and Abilities Council and local authorities taking on enhanced tasks for 14–19 planning and funding. The us government is confident that the long term learning sector has never been more crucial in raising the general level of abilities and ensuring the UK continues to be competitive on the globe economy. You will be expected to be involved in helping to fulfill current key targets; such as ensuring every adults will be functionally literate and numerate, all 19 year olds have a Level 2 or equivalent (5 GCSEs by Grade A∗ to C) and that learners are skilled to meet essential skills shortages. It is predicted that fifty percent of 18–30year-olds will improvement to university by 2010. To be able to meet these kinds of targets even more young people will have to remain in education and schooling and more can...

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