Lab for Grade 10 Chem Percentage Yield

 Lab for Grade 15 Chem Percentage Yield Research Paper

Preparation of Standard Alternatives and Usage of a Spectrophotometer to Gauge the Concentration of an Unknown Answer


Attentiveness is the ratio of the level of solute to the quantity of the solvent or the quantity of remedy. By understanding this, CO(NO3)2 *6H2O


What is the percent transmittance of six different solutions of co (symbol) (II) nitrate hexahydrate by using a spectrophotometer? Elements

* Managed to graduate cylinder (10 mL)

2. Graduated cyndrical tube (25 mL)

* pipet

* one particular cuvette

* Safety goggles

* Electric balance, appropriate to two decimal places

2. Test conduit rack

2. 5 evaluation tubes

2. Volumetric flask (100 mL)

* Beaker (100 mL)

* Spectrophotometer

* Distilled water

* Squirt bottle of wine


Discover page fastened.


First Molarity| Dilution| New Molarity| Percent Transmitted| 0. 160| | 0. 160| 18

0. 160| 12 mL to 16 mL| zero. 12| dua puluh enam

0. 160| 8 mL to 18 mL| zero. 8| forty five

0. 160| 4 milliliters to 16 mL| zero. 4| 49

0. 160| 2 mL to of sixteen mL| zero. 2| eighty

Unknown| | | 56


By using a spectrophotometer with all the unknown solution, a percent transmittance of 56 appeared. The attentiveness of the not known solution was then easily plotted over a graph to demonstrate the corresponding info. Error Analysis

-One of the 6 solutions of CO(NO3)2 could not have already been rinsed out from the cuvette effectively. -The evaluation tubes could have not been washed properly, affecting the percent transmittance. -Liquid could have spilled within the cuvette before inserting that into the spectrophotometer, therefore affecting the final info. -Some mild could have entered the spectrophotometer due to incorrect closure.

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