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Name: Para Guzman, Joanna M.

Section: CBAFM-A1

Time: T-F 10-11: 30 I AM

Part I

The situation


One of many aims in the Department of Education is usually to prepare the scholars to be throughout the world competitive. The continuous degeneration of the quality of education in the Thailand has prompted the DepEd to push to get the rendering of the E to 12 programs, which entails the institutionalization of kindergarten and the addition of two more years of secondary school in the fundamental education pattern. The pitch has spurred a heated argument on if it could lead to improvements or maybe exacerbate thn e present state of education in the area. The Enhanced K+12 Basic Education Program in the Philippines has become officially started. It has been started by the Aquino administration wherever students must undergo a new system of education. This program will require all newly arriving students to enroll into two more a lot of basic education. Thus, the K+12 System will essentially include the Common kindergarten, six years of fundamental, 4 numerous years of junior secondary school with yet another 2 years intended for senior high school. Furthermore, the program aims to uplift the quality of education inside the Philippines in order for graduates to be easily utilized. The program also aims to fulfill the standards necessary for professionals who want to work in foreign countries. Most importantly, the program aims to totally enhance and develop the students in order for them to be well-prepared particularly in emotional and cognitive factors. Through this kind of, graduates should be able to face the pressures of their future work environment. В Education inside the Philippines is something that has a great importance by the Filipinos. As the newest K-12 academics program is currently on effect, it can be foreseen that the existing problems with regards to educational matters will be aggravated. These prevalent problems include the insufficiency of classrooms displayed by the 80: 1 college students to class ratio, having less physical infrastructures for the different programs that is certainly to be serviced for the brand new academic program and the consistent botheration throughout the typhoon season. Since the 1st batch from the new K-12 program is usually approaching in 2017, it is necessary to create a plan which will cater the immediate need to support the abovementioned problems. A redevelopment plan for a National High School is superior to constructing a centralized high school graduation simply because it truly is much cheaper in production, more quickly in construction, and most of most, it may present solutions to the current problems, as stated, of National high Colleges. The less difficult the solution, the more it is to provide ease towards the members in the academic contemporary society.

Statement in the Problem

This study was executed to determine the response of the parents, teachers, and students regarding the execution of the k-12 program.

Especially, the study sought answers for the following concerns:

1 . Exactly what are the parent's sources of details about K-12 plan? 2 . Precisely what are the teacher's reactions regarding the execution of the K-12 program in terms of rationale?

3. What are the perceived concerns of learners regarding the the implementation in the K-12 software


This study was premised within the following assumptions.

1 . The parent's causes of information about K-12 program would be the media and teachers.

installment payments on your There are both equally positive and negative reactions about the implementation of K-12 plan.

3. There are few problems perceived by student's regarding the full rendering of K-12.


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