Response Paper Literatura

 Response Paper Literatura

Kateřina Janáková

Mgr. Pavel Drábek, Ph. D.

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13 November 2010

Anthony Munday, in the Englishe Romaine Lyfe

Munday describes in his book a life inside the catholic college or university in Rome. The whole explanation is little detailed in addition to not even applied any particular figures of speech, which is I think an objective of this textual content. Simple interpretation without mental expression is also used in parts in which the audience would expect a few expressions in the sort, at the. g. the part about martyrdom of Richard Atkins. This method of the copy writer may seem a little comical the moment describing flatly the funny or alternatively very serious details of the Catholic world. On the contrary, for the Catholics in 1582 the written text may be also provocative, because it ends up while anti-Catholic. In both cases, reader needs to be familiarised with the Catholicism to comprehend the text. Even though the Englishe Romaine Lyfe might be seen as simple story additionally, it reflects Munday's anti-Catholic views.

Friend Philip Sidney – The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia

In contrast to the The Englishe Romaine Lyfe Sidney's Arcadia seems to be more storytelling while using moral suggestions at the end than some severe polemic.

Plot of the story is usually not much complicated and there is not much action in each chapter but Sidney spends large amount of lines conveying and using many numbers of conversation. Moreover this individual sidetracks for the subtopics and comments of situation that finally reader is not sure what was the objective of sentence and must read this several times. In the chapters 10 and doze Sidney uses also a songs or poems, which may occasionally serve as rebirth of the complete text, however in his presentation I feel this more like similar flowery terminology he uses in the rest of the story which usually he only puts in line.

Yet , except for this complicated phrase it is possible for the reader to follow along with the story in the Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia.

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