Sales Display Example

 Sales Display Example Exploration Paper

Sales Presentation

Our product is known as Sharon's Lollies (lollipops). We have numerous various lollipops every with their very own multitude of flavors. Our recruiting methods happen to be cold dialling, direct mail, & using our business website. Sharon's Lollies is the only lollipop manufacturing/distributing company in American Samoa. It is pretty new and extremely promising. This sales contact is a basic sales contact to try and start multiple business relationships based on a retailers and wholesalers whom are interested in providing lollipops. Consumer Profile And Planning Piece:

1 . Shalhout & Sons Price tag

P. O. Box 4761

Pago Pago, AS 96799

Business Type: Retail

Buyer: Mister. Said Shalhout (Owner)

2 . TMC Low cost

P. To. Box 20545

Pago Abono, AS 96799

Business Type: Low cost

Buyer: Mr. Ele Kaulia (Owner)

The goal of our company's sale phone is to set up a business relationship by retail and wholesale corporations in American Samoa. The objective is to sell the company's product to regional retail/wholesale companies to promote neighborhood businesses. Our method for each of our sales display is a little conference among our company representative and the expected customers. By doing this all expected customers may ask questions and input with each other. There is no competition for the business. The only major competition that our firm would have is definitely major corporations such as Tootsie Pops & Blow Jumps which both are very popular and favored about island. Although both businesses are highly popular on island, Sharon's Lollies has an benefits. Since Sharon's Lollies is located on isle costs for shipping & handling are nonexistent. Buying lollipops from our company is a lot cheaper than from corporations off-island. The approach is always to contact randomly wholesale/retail businesses and say of our product and its benefits. Then all of us will create plans to negotiate business.

Promoting Plan

Each of our research demonstrates lollipops are very popular in the island of American Samoa. Persons both people buy them each day. The major age bracket for buyers is the more youthful generation (ages 5-17). Since lollipops are actually commonly bought at almost every retail outlet, school shop, & arbitrary fundraiser, children are able to buy however various lollipops they really want, whenever they wish. With lollipops in such a great demand due to many kids of American Samoa, retail & wholesale shops find themselves wasting so much money by buying lollipops from name brand companies in the us that have substantial prices in addition shipping and handling. Unfortunately, American Samoa never a new local lollipop manufacturing/distributing company until now. Now with Sharon's Lollies retail/wholesale retailers will not be bothered by shipping costs and may help support our country's economy during such a financially challenging time. Economics

Our target market is retail/wholesale stores. The latest demand which our customer has is that they desire a cheaper approach to buy countless of lollipops to re-sell to children seventeen and younger. Each of our company's potential growth depends on the participation of other companies in a business-like way with our business. Our company offers great potential and will most likely be incredibly prosperous simply because it will be the only Lollipop maker on the island. There are some barriers that face our company before all of us completely enter in our new company available. Seeing the way we are distributers our production cost will be very high. The condition with that is that we might lose money. It will take quite some time before anybody eats each of our candy do to the fact that it’s not a brand term on the lollipop. Our long term workers need to all initial learn the skills and train since we are new and technology regularly changes. Technology would affect this lollipop making process. It could most likely help to make things much simpler than it absolutely was before. Shipping costs is now a be anxious of the earlier. Our plan to overcome these types of...

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