Rizaltoot Composition

Mi Posterior Adios

(My Last Farewell)

By: Doctor Jose Rizal

Mangaba, Aspersion

Marchadesch, Joner

Dumo, Kristian Leonard

Garcia, John Carlo

Ramos, Mark Erik

Jose, John Kelly

Contreras, Raymond

" Qualifications of the Study”

‘Mi Ultimo Adios”

Just before our Nationwide Hero Doctor Jose G. Rizal's setup at Ft Santiago, he wrote a poem to convey his appreciate for his native terrain. When Dr . Jose Rizal gave the poem to Trinidad, there is no title therefore when his friend Mariano Ponce received a chance to have got a copy he entitled this Mi Posterior Pensamiento (" My Previous Thought”). According to the Book of Gregorio Zaide, from doze: 00 A. M (noon) to 3: 40 P. Meters. Rizal acquired a chance to finished his poem. The poem hid inside in a liquor cooking stove not in a lamp. Sept. 2010 25, 1898, the poem published inside the first concern of La Independencia titled " Extremo Adios”. Fr. Mariano Dacanay is the person who do that though he is in the Bilibid (jail) a hostage. The poem Mi Ultimo Adios is not only for Filipino people because this poem is translated in many languages. It is translated in 46 Philippine languages including Filipino sign language. The most popular and widely recognized translation may be the translation of Charles Derbyshire. It is known of the twenty eight known English translations of Rizal's Mi Ultimo Adios. And there are 35 other snel in other region.


" Mi Posterior Adios”


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