Rotary Electro Motors Case

 Rotary Electronica Motors Case Essay

1 ) Introduction

In the following record, the revenue department will probably be analysed by me with the company 'Rotary Electro Engines B. V. ' with respect to what can be improved looking at their disadvantages.

The company itself belongs to the biggest electronic motor producers inside the Netherlands having a turnover greater than 132, five-hundred, 000. Finding this you would think that they will could not have done too many blunders. However , you should keep in mind that you will encounteer certain risks a company is going to face in the time of organization especially with the quick advancements in today life like the net. In this statement, I will choose one department the Sales office and will make an effort to evaluate all of them by looking on the department and see how they can always be adjusted with application control and the segregation of duties. At the end Let me give a short conclusion regarding Rotary's Revenue department.

2 . Rotary

The Sales Section at Rotary offers and processes requests. Next for the possibility to communicate with others by means of email or send or mobile phone they also have up to date data independently terminal, which usually linked to the primary computer, and they will receive improvements regularly to possess a good understanding of what is offered and conceivable. Another element which is important are the data files like stocks and options, outstanding buy & gives and info of borrowers can be seen so that they simply cannot make a mistake to trade something to someone who has not paid for quite a while.

The Sales department contains eight people excluding the head of the office. Four people are obliged with the field of organization and 4 people with interior sales. The salespersons in the field of organization especially focus on industrial enterprises. Certain dealers and installation firms, and intermediaries in general, will be granted 15% discount away sales prices as a couple of course. The moment deviating special discounts are to be granted the head in the sales division consults the commercial Director. Now that the installation at larger commercial enterprises have been contracted out a new section the Technological services Section has been established and does this kind of now.

The custom-made electrical motors can be purchased based on the offer prices. To get this done the sales section has to check with the Design and Drawing Section and the Architectural Department. Their particular interactions with several other departments can be shown as stick to:


- handles offers -- Design and Drawing division and

Engineering Department to propose a great


-processes orders

-records orders in automated purchase production program

-distributes copies of instructions - Supervisor of Manufacturing department and the Director of the Accounting department obtain a copy from the offer

- draw ups acknowledgement of the orders (done by revenue administrator) -- Manager of Sales-, Design and style and Drawing-,

Engineering-, Production and Accounting department obtain copy of Acknowledgement

-makes sales bills (done simply by sales administrator) and sends it to customer) -- Manager of Sales- and Accounting Section receive revenue invoice

-prepares way-. invoice - Accounting department receives copy of way-bill

This is certainly a short summary of the Revenue department and what it does and with division it interacts when making a package or markets something to a customer, can it be a general electric power motor or possibly a custom-made electric powered motor. Now I will have a better look at the revenue department in the context with the administrative business of in this case the product sales department. Away of this, I will apply for each step the Accounting and Information Systems and also have a good check out potential segregation of obligations and/or app controls.

2 . 1 Segregation of Duties & Software Controls

Not only strategic managing is important in a company nevertheless also managing information system. This can be defined as:

The set of human and capital assets in an corporation that are...

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