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Case Studies Paper VIII (404) Search engine marketing. IV M. Com. Portion II Patter 2008 Wef from Summer 2009 Circumstance Studies: You will see a conventional paper of case studies to get external college students. The newspaper will be arranged for 70 marks to become converted to 90 marks. Inside the question paper 04 circumstances are given. Will probably be covered, each carrying twenty marks. Note: The paper of circumstance studies will probably be offered simply by exterior students just..

CASE Number 1: ‘X' Limited of India, is recognized as a prime company, that manufactures and distributing computers through the country. The business obtained the ‘Internet Vendor's website' in United States of America. The server is situated in United States of America. The web page is mainly intended for identifying absolutely free themes and offering computers throughout the globe. A buyer by any part of the world go through the information on computers online, and choose type of computers should be bought. After having decided, the customer can place an buy for computer by visiting the website and by offering the information expected to enter the transaction. As well the shopper's authorization and credit card number is routed on the digital highway towards the bank. Following closing the deal the digital data will make physical division order to transfer the computer for the address in the buyer. The buyer acknowledges the physical delivery of the pcs. Your are necessary to discuss the matter as to a) the set place of business. b) does the server constitute a place of organization? c) what would happen in the event the vendor's hardware is in the condition of the buyer? ****************


CASE a couple of In an E-trade agreement, signature is based exclusively on asymmetric methods or perhaps techniques. It has been described as a unique door, which may be opened using a four key lock. The 2 keys are on every side of the door, and each of those two tips belong to a single party. The parties stand respectively on each side with the door and both of them will vary keys. One of them is coincidental with the essential possessed by other party, since they have decided on the shape and notches in the key (public key). Yet , the other party is not really, and none of the parties knows precisely, what kind of notches the other key will have. The single thing is sure the door can easily be exposed when the four keys will be in this. Once the two parties have locked the keys in to the door it will be easy to open this and for the parties to make certain that they can discuss through that open door safely without being afraid that the outsider may well interfere in their business. Consult with reference to authentication of digital records employing digital signatures. ****************


CASE No . 3. Mister. C. L. CHOTE set up a website " chahooindia. com”. This is similar to the one more renowened site – " chahoo. com”. The services delivered by Mister. C. They would. CHOTE resemble the services delivered by the " chahoo. com”. (plantiff) M/s C. L. Bade and Company, which had installed " chahoo. com”, said that they are global internet press, rendering companies under the website name " chahoo. com” which was registered while using " Net work remedy Incorporation”, since 2000. A credit application for subscription of trademark ‘chahoo' was pending in India. M/s C. L. Bade and company, even more, claimed that they are the 1st in the field to possess a domain name ‘chahoo', and also to start web directory site and provide search services. In June 2k, such index was called ‘chahoo'. Mr. C. L. Chote adopted the website name ‘chahooindia. com' which is carefully resembling for the renowned term ‘chahoo. com'. It was located that the internet surfers, who wanted to use ‘chahoo. com' might reach for the ‘chahooindia com. ' Consequently, they said that the take action of Mr. C. H. Chote can be dishonest and was tentamount to ‘cyber squatting'. Mister. C. L. Chote statements that1. Plaintiffs trademark was not registered in India, therefore , there could not be any action for infringement of registered operate mark. installment payments on your There could not be an action of passing off because the...

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