SA 2 Grms 6 English language Model Paper

 SA a couple of Gr 6th English Style Paper


Name: __________________

Max Represents: 80

Class: VI

Timeframe: 2 days

General Instructions: 1 .

installment payments on your



Read the query paper before trying the answers.

This problem paper consists of 8 imprinted pages.

Your concerns are required.

All questions to become answered within a separate solution paper


1) Read the story. Use the information inside the story to reply to the queries given below:


The magic of shells

Walking along a shell –dappled beach, it's easy to see why a number of our forefathers thought that shells have lowered from the celebrities. Sea shells are, naturally , the homes of animals known as mollusks, and usually, you will notice two teams in our beach locations: gastropods, including marine snail and bivalves- animals with two covers hinged together, such as clams, cockles, mussels and oysters.

What kind of shells you encounter depends on the beach. Soft sand shorelines are definitely more congenial to razor- shells, cockles, oysters and whelks. Limpets make the perfect bet of all beeches, whilst cockles like mud. Coastal beaches, exposed to the full brunts of winter season storms, happen to be handy intended for mussels, which attach themselves to big chunks of rock on rugged shores and seek havens in rock and roll pools.

Taking a look at all those motionless shells, you may wonder what their goal is. Even though they look sedentary, a vital part from the global food chain can be, imperceptibly happening. Top- covers are important for clearing wrack off rocks, while at high tide, limpets perform a similar task, strolling from point to point, acting as natural rubbish lovers. " A lot of shells are important for a lifetime on the seashore, ” says Cat Ridout, Marine Understanding Officer pertaining to the Devon Page you of almost 8

Wildlife Trust at Wembury Marine Center. " The seaweed they eat goes by energy towards the creatures that eat all of them, such as starfish, crabs and fish. ” Not all seashells are herbivores, though. The cowrie feeds on sea squirts, while the doggie whelk eats other snails, using acid solution on the tongue tip to drill a hole through different shells.

Conservationalist are keen to strike a balance with regards to taking away vacation souvenirs. Human beings has likely gathered seashells since the start of time. " It would be absurd to say, don't take any kind of shells away, ” stated Simon Ford, the Nationwide Trust's Character Conservation Adviser for Wessex. " But on a few beaches many pebbles have already been removed with a significant impact on erosion. The impact would be the same on covers, but they are important for the ecology of the beach. They generate calcium if they break down and large amounts of our beaches consist of such covers.

a) In the past, where do some people believe shells originated from?


b) What are both main categories of shelled ocean creatures?


c) Identity the different types of shells you will discover on a seashore?


d) Write several uses of shells.


e) ………………… is important to get the ecology of the seaside.


my spouse and i. pebbles

2. erosion

iii. sea shells

iv. calcium supplements

f) Which will of the subsequent statements will be true?


i. Almost all sea shells are herbivores.

ii. The seaweed they eat passes energy to the creatures that eat these people. iii. In some beaches large numbers of small stones are accumulated. iv. Seaside beaches happen to be handy to get razor-shells.

g) How does your dog whelk obtain inside the shells of snail it wants to eat?

2) Read the composition below and answer problem that follow: Web page 2 of 8


The sun descending in the west,

Evening time star does shine;

The birds are silent in their nest.

And I must search for mine.

The moon, like a flower

In heaven's substantial bower,

With silent joy

Sits and smiles within the night.

Goodbye, green fields and cheerful grove,

Where flocks possess took pleasure:

Where lambs have nibbled, silent push

The feet of angels dazzling;

Unseen they pour benefit

And joy without ceasing

On each bud and bloom,

And each sleeping bosom.

They are in every thoughtless nest

Wherever birds are covered nice;...

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