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We went to begin to see the musical Miss Saigon on Saturday Might 4th. The storyplot was arranged during the Vietnam War. The key character Chris was a army general and had two girlfriends or wives, one being Kim and the other being Ellen. Bob and Ellie met through the engineer, who also worked with Chris's friend to match them with each other for a one-night party. However they kindled their relationship and got committed, having a baby youngster later in the play. In Act 2 Chris tried getting his boy and Kim away of Vietnam and in to the United States, however the embassy sealed and your woman was not in a position to go with him. She then simply committed committing suicide at the end with the play following she recognized she would not be able to go with Frank and that he was already married to Ellen. The connections that I can make between play and what we analyzed was the embassy being charged by simply Vietnamese people trying to break free the war and flee to the United states of america. Also, initially of the play the helicopter flew over the workers' heads, which usually exactly took place in one of the films we viewed in class. Up coming, when the military attempted to draft Chris and Ellen's young man, it was nearly the same as the movie as well. This alterations my understanding of the Vietnam War because it opens up the lining view of how stressful and tragic the specific situation was in Vietnam. I liked the play for the most part, in hopes of the ensemble members just like Ellen and Thuy, but also for the amazing units on stage such as the bedroom and the Bangkok metropolis square. Overall, Miss Saigon was not just a great efficiency, but an educational play as well.

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