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Cagayan sobre Oro

Region 10

North Mindanao


- might actually be the most happy place in the. The " City of Gold Friendship, ” as it is occasionally called, is home to especially friendly and nice Filipinos. Their ready smiles are a appropriate welcome, with Cagayan para Oro's accessible location likewise making it the " Entrance to North Mindanao. ”


Ibanags from cities in North Cagayan, including Abulug, Aparri, Camalaniugan, Pamplona and Lallo, tend to replace their " p's" with more " f's". Also, selected Ibanag words and phrases differ from these areas rather than the Tuguegarao and Isabela Ibanag. Examples:

napatu - nafatu (hot)

paggipayan - faggifayan (a destination to put)

dupo - dufo (banana)

Tuguegarao Ibanag may be viewed as the standard, however , Northern Cagayan Ibanag could be the one closest to the ancient Pre-Hispanic Ibanag existent prior to the spread from the language over the province, while Northern Cagayan was the unique Ibanag residence territory. On the other hand, Tuguegarao Ibanag, besides having Spanish impact on may possess acquired elements from nearby Itawis. Simultaneously, Isabela Ibanag may possess acquired elements from the original Gaddang vocabulary predominant in the province.


" Kua" is a root term that pinpoints something while belonging to somebody. Often " Ku" can be added ahead of " Kua" to emphasize this kind of. Note that this is only possible with " Mine" and " Yours" although not with other possessive pronouns. Kukua' yatun - That IS Acquire.

My, my own - ku, kua', kukua'

Your, Your own - -m, mu, kuam, kukuam

His, Her, The - na, kuana

The, ours (inclusive) - w tamtym miejscu, kuatam

The, ours (exclusive) - mi, kuami

Your, Yours - nu, kuanu

Their, Theirs - da, kuada

My own toy -- Gaggayam ku

Your surprise - Regalum

Her coronet - Aritu' na

The land - Davvut tam

Our house -- Balay mi

Your car -- Coche just nu

Their dog - Kitu da

This is certainly mine -- Kua' yaw.

That is your own - Kuam yatun.

That is certainly hers -- Kuana yari.

This - Yaw

That (item by simply person being spoken to) - Yatun

That (far from the two speaker and person staying spoken to) - Yari That (sometimes used for items that are absent or inside the past) - Yuri This kind of dog - Yaw kitu

That cat - Yatun kitaw

That carabao -- Yari nuang

That day - Yuri aggaw

In order to emphasize or stress the distance or period, the stress for the word comes on the initially syllable apart from " yatun". I. at the. Yatun davvun - That land

THIS house (here) - Yaw balay taw

That woman there - Yatun babay tatun

That man more than there - Yari lalaki tari

That old lady a long time ago - Yuri bako' turi*

With turi the stress upon " tu" is often lengthy periods of to emphasize the space and period that has passed. Here -- Taw

There - Tatun (by person being used to)

Presently there - Tari (far by both)

Generally there - Turi (absent, regular past time and/or location)

What? -- Anni?

Wherever? - Sitaw?

When? - Kanni?

Why? - Ngatta?

Who? - Sinni?

How? - Kunnasi?

How much? -- Piga?

All the doubled rimant must be evident separately. My spouse and i. E. Codice? - " An ni"

Anni kuammu? - Exactly what are you carrying out?

Sitaw w tamtym miejscu ume? - Where will be we going?

Kanni ka nallabbe'? - When performed you get there?

Ngatta nga ari ka kuman? - Why are you not eating?

Sinni y nanga' ta affefec ku? - Who had taken my fan?

Kunnasim lutuan yatun nu awan tu rekadum? -- How are you likely to cook that if you don't have the ingredients? Piga yaw? Piga yatun? - What is the value of this? What is the value of that?

Egga - Generally there is/ to have

Kuman -- To eat/ eat

Minum - To drink/ beverage

Mawak - To need/ need

Kaya' - To want/ need, To like/ like

Umay - To go/ get, To come/ com

Manaki' - Never to want/ not want, To not like/ not like

My spouse and i am here - Egga na' taw

Do you consume goat? -- Kumakka su kazzing?

Drink this -- Inumammu yaw.

Drink water - Minum ka su danum.

You need to sleep - Mawag mu makkaturuk.

Nilutu/ Nallutu -- cooked

Ginappo' - slice

Inusi' - cut (hair)

Inirayyu -- placed far away

Ginatang - bought

We cooked dinengdeng - Nallutu kami ta dinengdeng

We cooked the pig - Nilutu mi yari bavi. (Y become yari supposing...

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