Speaking: Computer and Comic book heroes

 Essay on Speaking: Computer and Comic Books

Getting to Know One another

1 . Precisely your name?

2 . How old are you?

three or more. Do you have siblings?

Are they more mature or younger than you?

four. What are your hobbies?

5. What countries have you visited?

6th. What's something you do well?

7. What is their goal is obviously?

8. Maybe you have ever attained a superstar?

9. The length of time have you been studying English?

12. What about your parents? Are they equally working? What do they do?

11. What's your favorite sport? Will you be good at it?

12. Are you able to cook? Exactly what other things that can be done?

13. Would you enjoy watching TV more than reading literature?

14. How will you relax?

12-15. Are you taking pleasure in your life being a student?

Comic Books

1 . Would you like comics?

installment payments on your Have you read any comics in English?

3. Exactly how are comics not the same as one country to another?

4. What is more essential to you, the storyline or the images?

5. Exactlty what can you learn from comics?

6. Carry out violent comics make people believe more regarding violence?

six. Who is your favorite villain?

almost eight. If you will make your very own super leading man what would his or her identity be? What would his superpower always be?

9. In the event you could have one superpower what would it become?

10. At the time you read comics, who is better the leading man or the bad guy?

11. How often do you examine comics?

doze. How are comic books different in this country by those in your country?

13. Do you think males read more comic book heroes than young ladies?

14. Happen to be comic books a lot better than (regular) books?

15. How come comics a popular choice?


1 ) When did you first start using a computer?

2 . Who trained you to use some type of computer?

3. Just how fast could you type?

four. Which would you like better, a laptop computer or possibly a desktop computer?

your five. Do you think existence have been improved by computer technology?

6. What are some good reasons for having a computer system?

7. What are some awful things about having a computer?

eight. On the Internet, you can say whatever you want. Is that true?

9. Is it a good or a negative thing? Why?

10. Just how powerful is your computer?


1 . What is your favorite subject? Why do you like it? Are you great at it?

2 . What themes are you most severe at?

3. What is the easiest subject?

5. What is the most difficult subject matter?

5. What do you want to be as you grow up?

6. Do you really enjoy studying English?

several. Do you ever by pass class?

8. How much homework do you do every day?

being unfaithful. Do you think college uniform is a great idea? Why/Why not really?

10. Would you like to be trained by a female or male teacher?

11. Which subjects do you think are generally not useful or needed any longer?

12. What were a few of the rules you had to follow by school?

13. What do you should do after you graduate student?

14. How long does it take one to get to school?

15. Do you still connect with your best friend in elementary school?


1 . What is the favorite crazy animal? Perhaps you have ever seen/touched one? В

2 . What is their favorite video game? How often do you really play it? В

3. What is your favourite country apart from your very own? Why? В

4. What is your favorite TV SET program? What's it about? В

5. What is your preferred day from the week? What do you normally do on this day?

6. Who is your selected person? What do they do? В

7. What is their favorite foodstuff? What's your favorite western meals? В

almost 8. What's your favorite color? So why?

9. Exactly where is your preferred place? What do you do there?

12. Who is you favorite footballer/soccer player? Which usually team does he play for?


1 . What is your all-time favourite movie?

installment payments on your Are there any varieties of movies you dislike? In the event that so , what kinds? Why do you don't like them?

three or more. Do you usually watch movies at your home or at a movie movie theater?


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