Stakeholders Dissertation

A company stakeholder is that which can influence or have the actions of the business as a whole. Examples of a company's stakeholders


Government| Taxation, VAT, legislation, low lack of employment, truthful credit reporting. | Employees| Rates of pay, job security, reimbursement, respect, truthful communication. | Customers| Worth, quality, customer service, ethical goods. | Suppliers| Providers of goods and solutions used in the finish product pertaining to the customer, equitable business opportunities. | Creditors| Credit standing, new contracts, liquidity.

Community| Jobs, participation, environmental security, shares, honest communication. | Trade Unions| Quality, Personnel protection, jobs.

Owner(s)| Have interest in the success of his/her business. | Investors| Have fascination earning cash flow from expense. |

A stakeholder is any kind of organization or perhaps individual that is involved with the business or immediately affected by it. So , the most obvious in the case of Oxfam would be the personnel, the customers (to the charitable organisation shops), the individuals who receive the donations and those who give. The contributor, trustees, any partnerships and trade unions are considered the major shareholders for Oxfam. This organization will be based upon the belief that everyone has the right to the justification to a environmentally friendly livelihood.

Contributor and Donators:

The donors and donators are significant stakeholders to get Oxfam while Oxfam will not be able to be considered a successful charitable organization without them as they need the charitable contributions to provide intended for the unlucky. Also they are key stakeholders as they are also the greatest investors to a charity like Oxfam. Staff at Charitable trust Stores:

Employees is also stakeholders in Oxfam as they supply the friendly customer satisfaction to those who also decide to store at the Oxfam charity stores. Also they are stakeholders as they generally do the focus on a free, no pay basis; this allows Oxfam to spend even more on producing third world Countries. Customers with the Oxfam...

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