Strategic Management and Ikea

 Strategic Management and Ikea Essay

IKEA task

1 . Given the SWOT analysis presented in the case, what are IKEA's key competitive advantages? What strategic emphasis should the firm take as it looks to further expand in the U. H. market? - I think that the Ikea's essential competitive positive aspects are, their very own lower cost items, everyone is seeking forВ a great dealВ and if they are able to acquire aВ chairВ for 50 dollars instead of $22.99 and put together is easy I do believe people is going to buy the $50В chair. Also an additional is the consumers in store encounter, I do certainly not know of a large number of stores, that provide in storeВ child careВ and how they design their grocer so that it is within easy to find some thing. В Given that everyone is over a timeВ restraintВ and persons want to get in and out of the retail outlet fairly quickly getting the store organized in group of friends design will help this. I do believe what Ikea needs to concentrate on is getting thereВ web siteВ running better, so persons canВ order productsВ online and do not must travel into the retailers. В These day in the United States people look for comfort and placing your order online is usually one ease that certainly draws buyers. В And so Ikea has to get a group together to work on receiving theirВ web siteВ up and running for placing your order products on-line I think this will help to them to broaden into the US.

2 . What element is the biggest reason for IKEA's growth and recognition: value or image? What can IKEA do to sustain growth after it loses some cache МЃ? * The prevailing concern that for Ikeas growth and popularity is because of the merchandise value; goods come completely unassembled and areВ assembledВ by the consumer. This saves the company travel costs, В warehousingВ costs and space on the shop floor, making their products more profitable. В In addition they employ quality hardware, they evaluation their development, use hardwoods where it is very important for durability and in addition they design pieces of furniture that is functional, with a simple design.

After Ikea loses some cache' they would ought to come up with a...

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