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Q7: What was a common vision that the fresh company was based on? Pg. 162-167 Blake Jones, Wes Kennedy, an associate of a friend, who had an event in solar installations and Ray Tuomey, a friend of Jones' better half, who had a long-time affiliation with community organizations in Boulder, identified they had very much in common. They will wanted to build a company that reflected their very own core values and an exclusive structure that instilled responsibility and satisfaction in the staff. The companions wanted to enough time problems they'd experienced in previous organizations by setting up a company constructed upon a co-ownership unit, nonhierarchical employee positions, and decentralized decision-making. The content of their mission assertion was focused on company's employees and this differentiates Namaste by others.

Q9: How was your name with the company picked? Pg. 78-85

In our case, I guess, the company's brand was picked according to its principles. Namaste is a traditional Sanskrit greeting. To Jones, Kennedy and Tuomey, the word's meaning was significant: " A greeting of great admiration that celebrates the interdependence of all life. ” This name demonstrates organization's cultural commitment to manage both workers and buyers. The mission statement intended for Namaste highlights values of ethical carry out in all interactions, shared dangers and rewards. All these, and not only the fact that Jones used this term on a daily basis although living in Nepal and that Kennedy used it on a daily basis in his yoga practice, influenced the process of choosing term. Q13: Inventory valuation of Namaste Photo voltaic.

As we have already learned a critical area of the founders' perspective for Namaste Solar-and a technique for appealing to and holding onto employees-was a commitment to employee ownership. Full-time personnel at Namaste Solar could actually buy stocks and shares in the firm at any time, in the then-current benefit. There was only 1 condition personnel who left the company had been required to sell off back their shares. I do believe,...

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