Support Literacy and Numeracy Activities

 Support Literacy and Numeracy Activities Dissertation

Support Literacy and Numeracy Activities.

The literacy and numeracy expertise expected from the pupils with whom you work.

The purpose of the school literacy and numeracy policies is to establish the expected standard of competency intended for the children. These policies happen to be driven by National Curriculum which aims targets to get achieved in a variety of subject areas at each of the Essential Stages.

The Key Stages are as follows:

Important Stage 0| Nursery and reception years (3–5 years old)| At this point included as part of the Early Years Base Stage| Key Stage 1| Years one to two (5–7 years old)|

Key Level 2| Years 3 to 6 (7–11 years old)|

Key Level 3| Years 7 to 9 (11–14 years old)|

Key Stage 4| Years 10 to 11 (14–16 years old). | The exams at the end are typically from the GCSE level. | Key Stage 5| Years doze to 13 (16–18 years old). | The examinations at the end are normally A-Levels, AS-Levels, NVQs or National Diplomas

The literacy fundamental expertise, knowledge and concepts of the subject are set out in " English in the Nationwide Curriculum” wherever they are classified into three attainment targets: Speaking and Listening, Browsing, and Producing.

Depending on the Key Stage the children will refine their particular learning in English, one example is: In the Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) children will be given in order to speak and listen and represent suggestions in their actions and to work with communication, terminology and literacy in every part of the curriculum. In Key Stage One (Years 1 and 2), kids shall learn to speak with certainty and pay attention to what other folks have to say. That they shall set out to read and write separately. They shall use vocabulary to explore their particular experiences and imaginary worlds. At Key Stage Two (Years three or more and 6), children shall learn to change the way communicate and publish to suit diverse situations, purposes and viewers. They shall read a number of texts and reply to different tiers of that means in all of them. They shall explore the use of language in literary and nonliterary text messages and learn the way the structure of language works.

The numeracy fundamental abilities, knowledge and concepts with the subject happen to be set out in " Numeracy in the Countrywide Curriculum” wherever they are classified into attainment targets: For Key Level One (Years 1 and 2) children shall learn to:

* Employing and making use of numbers, Quantities and the amount system, Measurements, Solving numerical Problems, Actions, shape and space For Key Stage Two (Years 3 and 6) children shall learn to:

* Amounts and Algebra, Measures, condition and space, Handling info

How students develop studying, writing, speaking/talking and listening skills, plus the factors that promote and hinder powerful learning.

The following table represents the typical vocabulary development in its forms (speaking/talking, listening and writing). Actually children progress at their own pace as they may achieve the various developmental milestones for different ages that could be earlier or later on than other children.

Age of the child| Standard Language development

six months – doze months| React to his name and respond to voices by turning his mind and eye. Babbling. Appreciate simple guidelines. | 13 months – 24 months| Increase vocabulary (approximately 150-300 words). Do it again a word or phrase repeatedly. Volume and pitch of voice not well-controlled. Able to name numerous objects popular among his area. Start to employ pronouns (I, you, me). Respond to commands. Around 24 months, make many different scribble markings and may even try to write the initially letter of his name. | 3 years to 4 years| Start to employ correctly plurals and previous tenses. Able to indicate a lot of parts of human body. Handle three word content easily. Enhance vocabulary (approximately of 900-1000 words). Understanding of simple questions about his activities approximately himself (name, sex, age). Communicate in simple sentences and refine the use of his grammar. Scribbles begin to seem...

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