Sample Term Paper

 Sample Term Paper


A Term Newspaper presented to

Dr . Reynaldo Padilla

Mapua Institute of Technology

In Partial Fulfillment

from the Requirements to get

Rizal's Performs & Writings of Additional Filipino Heroes


Published by:

Mendoza, Gaven Earl C.

12 , 2012

We. Bibliography

Eros S. Atalia (born on July six 1975), is a Filipino Copy writer known for his works including " Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me" and " Peksman (Mamatay Ka Man) Nagsisinungaling Ako". Earlier a factor and writer in " Remate" and " Diyaryo Pinoy" and the former editor-in-chief of Responde Cavite. Also, he was a junior researcher at the Interpersonal Research Center and a junior relate at the Center to get Creative Writing and Research. Currently he can a mentor at the College or university of Onomastica Tomas instructing Filipino, Filipino Journalism and Creative Producing.

II. Personal Background

Weakness S. Atalia finished his studies in the Philippine Usual University in 1996 which has a Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Filipino and received the " Balagtas Award". Was handed the honor together the best in his majors during 1994 upto 1996. His poem " Maririing Tusok ng Kalawanging Karayom social fear Nagngangalit mhh Ugat" earned first award in a Countrywide Poetry Composing contest in Pandaylipi Incorporation. in 1995. He became a writer at " The Torch" (The Official Panel in Grounds of PNU) from 1993 to 1995. He became a contributor as well in national tabloids. The Commision on the Philippine Language recognized his composition " Maglaba ay Di Biro" because second award citation in 2004 and in the same 12 months he earned third place at the Gawad Collantes pertaining to his essay titled " Ang Politika ng Wikang Pambansa: Mula sa Iba't ibang Pagsipat ng Paglapat (Paghimay, Pagbistay at Pagtugaygay sa Suliranin ng Pilipinas sa Wika)". One of the publishers of the Filipino edition of " Kamasutra" and was a creative specialist of the Hard anodized cookware Social Start with a published monograph. Currently he is finishing his Magister artium in Terminology and Literature...

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