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A few years ago, a controversial essay-writing company caused a storm because it broadened their services to assisting hopeful lawyers with the traineeship applications.

Behind the consequent stern warnings given to students against spending a ton paid-for assistance, and a suggestion from a senior lawyer that to accomplish this equated to " cheating", was matter that a operate in graduate student job application assistance could take off in the way completely with article writing. In fact, the company engaged was Oxbridge Essays, in whose model-answer dissertation business features caused educational institutions more than a few severe headaches since its launch in 2006.

Two years on, although, and the legal profession's concerns have turned out to be largely misguided, with Oxbridge Essays admitting earlier recently that the legal graduate job application market have not turned out to be because lucrative mainly because it had wished. In 2009, Oxbridge Training Agreements (OTC) – as Oxbridge Essays' regulation graduate job application spin off is well known – said to be helping 75-100 legislation students per month on tasks ranging from version application form documents and cover letters, to a £500-an-hour " chaperone" assistance that presented students with a " specialist" to companion them to their particular interviews.

Yet Oxbridge Essays' head of sales, David Foster, says " ad advertisement decision" has recently been delivered to " target less within the training contract and pupillage side from the business" – despite this getting the most frantic time of year intended for graduate legal job applications and the jr . lawyer graduate student recruitment market facing a spike of individuals.

So what proceeded to go wrong? Create is reluctant to elaborate on his simple explanation that the " pool area of people seeking this type of assistance is relatively small", adding which the few queries OTC has had over the last few months have " tended to come from persons using other services offered by Oxbridge Essays".

It's quite difficult to find somebody who will acknowledge to employing OTC, and Foster refused my obtain to be devote touch with...

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