Aging Essay

Aging & Disabilities

1 . What are the top 2 - 3 issues confronted by the ageing population and what is made to address the issues you recognized? The initially issue that the aging population must cope with is the baby boomer human population, and the approach that will influence everyone of this era. Will there be enough cash from SSI? How will everybody be taken care of if not, is there enough space in homes, and older centers for the aging seniors? These are all questions we must question, another point that goes along with the baby boomer period, is that of retirement and investing in it. Pension and old age is a thing everyone need to plan for, I'm wondering how well these types of baby boomers have got prepared. Even though that really is not an issue the fact that community or perhaps society must address, until maybe providing the opportunity to take a class pertaining to retirement saving help etc . Second concern would be the labor force issues; several older people happen to be discriminated against because of their age, or failure to perform too or as quickly as youngsters. There should be laws enforced that states age group cannot disqualify someone by a job, of course, if there is splendour because of the ageism, there must be aigu? and fees and penalties. And the third issue that effects your aging population is that of resources for all of them, senior centers, classes, physical exercise etc . Being a society and nation we should be making sure our elderly inhabitants is very well cared for, just isn't that whatever we would want the moment were that age? Supplying resources through the community centre, which offers numerous options to the elderly community.

2 . Just how have individuals with disabilities been treated in the past and how has the attitude toward people with afflictions changed after some time? People with problems have had an incredibly hard time in the past, and I think even now sometimes in the present time. Typically I have viewed discrimination against children with disabilities, youngsters can be so mean to someone who differs from the others from...

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