The Autumn as well as the Fall of Leaves

 The Fall and the Fall of Leaves Essay

The Autumn and the Fall of Leaves

It is not authentic that the close of a your life which ends in a natural fashion- --life which is permitted to put on the display of death and to head out in glory- --inclines your brain to rest. It is not true of the day stopping nor the passing in the year, neither of the show up of leaves. Whatever permanent, uneasy issue is indigenous to men, comes forwards most insistent and most loud at this sort of times. You may still find places where you can feel and identify the soul of the dropping of leaves.

At Fall season, the atmosphere which is of so sensitive and weak a green as to contain something of gentle mockery, and particular more of pain, presides in the fall of leaves. There is no air, not any breath whatsoever. The leaves are so light that they sidle on their going downward, hesitating in that which is not void to them, and touching at last so intangible to the earth with which they may be to combine, that the gesture is much gentler than a greeting, and even more discreet than a very discreet touch. They earn a little audio, less than the very least of seems. No fowl at night in the marshes rustles so a bit, no guys, though men are the most refined of living creatures, put so passing a stress after their almost holy whispers or perhaps their prayers. The leaves are rarely heard, but they are heard only so much that men also, who is intended at the end to grow glorious and to perish, look up and hear all of them falling.

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