The Body of a Persuasive Presentation

 The Body of a Persuasive Business presentation Essay

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Lesson five: Body of a Persuasive Display (1)

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this lessons, you should be able to:

organise the info in the body of a presentation successfully; use both equally logical and emotional is attractive in marketing;

describe the backdrop of a demonstration; and

recognise the cons of browsing from remarks or reciting a talk.


The body of a demonstration is to discuss the main points produced from your purpose. When you strategy the body, you must select data that is very important to elaborating most of your points, and organise the info logically and systemically. Task 1


Below is usually an remove of a demonstration from a HR Department about you can actually new schooling policy. Identify the main point in the section and delete phrases which do not participate in that section.


Primary point 1

Let's now turn to training.  Many other international companies envied our� (elaboration)

development� programmes� five� years� before. � But , � the� internal� situation� was� Primary point a couple of (elaboration)

actually� far� from� satisfactory. � Then, � each� department� made� its� own� decisions, � set� its� own� budget� and� appointed� its� own� instructors. � This� often� Key point several (elaboration)

meant� that� staff� didn't� attend� training� that� was� necessary� for� their� jobs. � We� wasted� both� time� and� cash. � We� did� a� staff� satisfaction� survey� a� couple of months ago and the results show that 75% of respondents were concerned about� their� job� protection. � Therefore , � all� in� all, � we� didn't� have� the� best� possible� answer. � How� have� we� changed things since then?  Well,  all training measures have been centralized.  This year,  we� have� made� HR� responsible� for� all� decisions� on� training. � We� have� allocated� one� central� budget� and� have� introduced� one� integrated� system. � Training� has� become� much� more� effective and targeted.  We have started to build modern training facilities and where you� are sitting today is our new conference room.  I'm sure that you must agree that today we� have found a much better,  more effective and targeted training solution than the one we� had before. � �

Task a couple of

As your market relies generally on your words to website link various parts and concepts, you need to present explicit signs to guide these people through the body of your business presentation. On the next page, you will see another remove from a presentation about ‘Deviant Behaviours in Economics'. Can you identify the clues?

Lesson five

LAN4108 E& C: Powerful Presentations (BA)

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Therefore , � _______________________________________� emphasising� the� importance� of� a� deviant� behaviour� of� economic� agents� and� the� impact� it� has� on� our� lives. � All� of� us� feel� deviant� to� some� extent� in� different� situations� and� because� of� that� we� can� behave� inadequately and even cause distress to other people.  The same thing happens in economics� when� people� do� things� that� are� illegal� or� irregular. � Deviant� behaviour� is� widely� acknowledged� in� psychology, � criminology� and� sociology, � but� not� in� economics� where� it� happens very often indeed. � �

_____________________ to giving you a few examples.  We would all agree that committing� suicide, � killings, � violations� of� social� norms� are� considered� abnormal� or� deviants. � ________� ______� � to a point that bribing a judge to get a satisfactory outcome of the trial,  corrupting� the teachers to get a better mark at the exam is a deviant behaviour,  too. � � �

___________� � to� what� we� consider� to� be� a� deviant� behaviour� in� economics. � As� a� deviant� behaviour� in� economics� we� consider� corruption� and� all� sorts� of� economic� crime, � the� most�...

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