The Crucible by Arthur Miller: This is of the Subject and the Serious Test

 The Crucible by Arthur Miller: The meaning of the Name and the Serious Test Essay

The Severe Check.

When someone talks about a severe check, he is generally referring to his recent algebra test. Though, in this case, a severe test is mentioning characters in " The Crucible" by Arthur Callier. Miller's tests are regarding witchcraft, people's faith, and understanding. In these times, almost all a person had to do was look at somebody the wrong way and they were accused of witchcraft. In the tale, three main people demonstrate these alterations. Abigail Williams becomes very manipulative. David Proctor shows how he really feels about his sins. Reverend Good changes after this wife can be convicted of being a witch, and after he realizes that Abigail is actually a fraud. The Crucible delivers change to the individuals, and the change helps uncover the individuals' true figure.

Abigail Williams' true personality is unveiled in the play very at the beginning. At first the lady seems like an innocent kid. " We all did move, uncle, and when you hopped out of the bush so instantly, Betty was frightened and then she fainted. And there is the entire of it" (Miller 1093). However , issues start to alter quickly. She starts blaming witchcraft upon people simply so nobody will think her of being a witch. " I saw Goody Hawkins with the Satan! I saw Goody Booth together with the Devil! " (Miller 1111). If someone tries to animadvert on her of being a witch, she acts crazy and says that Mary Warren has had her. The girl even should go as far as accusing John Proctor's wife of witchcraft mainly because she desires John intended for herself. Reverend Hale finally sees through her and realizes that she is a fraud. Consequently, she leaves town to escape all the accusations. She has improved from a great innocent lady to a cold-blooded liar because of the crucible from this play.

Another example of someone who changes throughout the play is John Proctor. When we 1st meet him, he appears very honest and friendly. " The trail past the house is a pilgrimage to Salem all early morning. The town's mumbling witchcraft" (Miller 1098). However , as the perform progresses, we all learn...

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