The Crucible

 The Crucible Essay

In the play The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, Abigail Williams' actions are not with out reason; her mental lack of stability is to to take responsiblity for her activities. For example , the lady saw her parents murdered as a child and this seems to have lead to her getting mentally unpredictable. John Proctor, a much elderly man, as well basically sexually assaulted her. And her staying raised simply by Reverend Parris, the weird, power-hungry person, is sure to end up being messing Abigail up in some way or another.

As a young girl, Abigail seen both her mother and father killed by Native Americans. Surely watching such a violent act had a few effect on Abigail's mental wellness. The following quote is of Abigail threatening the other young ladies to keep peaceful about what occurred in the hardwoods. " Let either of you breathe in a word, and also the edge of your word, regarding the other stuff, and I will come to you in the black of some horrible night and I will bring a pointy reckoning which will shudder you. And you understand I can take action; I saw Indians smash my personal dear parents' heads within the pillow following to my own and I have seen some red work done at night, and I will make you wish you had by no means seen sunlight go down! (Act one)" This particular quote shows how Abigail thinks your woman can injure the additional girls because of what the lady saw affect her dad and mom. Her lovato and sneaky attitude may be blamed on the murder of her father and mother.

Early inside the play, it is established that Abigail and John Proctor have had a great affair, this kind of being the main reason Goody Proctor fired Abigail and also how come Abigail starts off the whole disaster in order to get great Proctor thus she and John can be together. How come Abigail thinks calling witchery on substantial amounts of persons will allow her and John to be with each other is beyond the understanding of the writer of this dissertation. But for several reason, the lady thinks this is an excellent idea and proceeds to help in the accusation and loss of life of nineteen innocent persons. One who is usually mentally secure would definitely not take this kind of extreme activities.

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