The result of culture on managers decision making

 The effect of culture in managers decision making Essay

2009: 023


The consequence of Culture about

managers decision making

- a case study of Mexico and Germany

Christian Becker

Sandra Palmér

Luleå University of Technology

Expert Thesis, Extension Courses

Marketing and e-commerce

Section of Organization Administration and Social Sciences

Division of Commercial marketing and e-commerce

2009: 023 - ISSN: 1653-0187 - ISRN: LTU-PB-EX--09/023--SE


The goal of this examine was to give a better understanding on how making decisions in Indonesia and Mexico could be described and how culture affect this kind of decision making. The reason behind choosing these types of to countries was that relating to earlier found benefits by the renowned Geert Hofstede these two countries were supposed to be quite the opposite to one another. Therefore the study also as opposed the similarities and the differences between the cases in the countries. Based on the study questions stated a literary works review was conducted where a framework of reference was created. Qualitative multiple case studies was used to cross research the results. To gain a deeper understanding of issues directly related to the study questions selection interviews was the primary source of info collection. The previous mentioned shape of guide then served as a basis for the interview guidebook. The interviews in South america were executed at FEMSA and in Australia at Siemens and a Steel Business. The results from the case studies concerning decision making signifies the following: Equally Mexico and Germany utilizes a rational decision making process, at some level, when making decisions. When a decision follows the rational decision making model it will not exclude non-rational decision making. Despite the group becoming involved in many decisions at Mexico and Germany an individual at leading level nonetheless make the final decision. Neither region likes to consider risky decisions, which could link to the fact that the cases particularly are all producing companies. Equally long term and short term decision are made in both countries which is logic because in many companies we have a strategic prepare (long term) but also decisions must be made over a day to day basis. Thus this is not necessarily as a result of cultural preference, but how business in general has to be organized.

Regarding decision making and tradition the following conclusions were suggested from the case studies: There is less of the difference between the two countries decision making based on countries than initially awaited. The type of organization indicates even more how decisions are made as opposed to the impact of national culture. In creating companies including those researched, naturally there exists a need to have a stepwise rational decision making process to minimize risk, this however does not must do with nationwide culture. Lifestyle can still have an effect on areas of organization other than making decisions, such as for example the way in which employees are required to be treated when it comes to doing work hours, conditions and predicted rewards.


Syftet scientif denna uppsats var m?jligheten att uppnå en bättre förståelse om hur beslutsfattande my spouse and i Tyskland respektive Mexico kan beskrivas samt hur kultur påverkar det beslutsfattande. Anledningen till valet av de h?r länder är att enligt tidigare funna resultat audio-video den erkände Geert Hofstede uppvisade de h?r länder motsatta tendenser va gäller kulturellt beteende. Av denna anledning jämför den h?r uppsats även de likheter och skillnader mellan dropped i de undersökta länderna. Baserat på relevanta teorier skapades sobre teoretisk referensram. För m?jligheten att kunna jämföra användes en kvalitativ mehrfach fallstudie. Djupare förståelse my spouse and i frågor snabbt relaterade right up until forskningsfrågorna uppnåddes genom f?r att använda intervjuer som living room huvudsakliga datainsamlingsmetoden. Den ovan nämnda referensram låg sedan till boden för intervjuguiden. I Mexico intervjuades två personer på företaget FEMSA och my spouse and i Tyskland intervjuades en person på Siemens samt ytterligare...

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