The Etymology of the N Expression

 The Etymology of the N Word Composition

Alexis Hiatt

Ms. Tjarks

English 10 – 1A

18 February 2014

The Etymology of the Phrase " Nigger”

While browsing the publication, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the term " nigger” will constantly appear. The word 1st appears in chapter two when Huck says, " Miss Watson's big nigger, named Jim, was placing in the kitchen door” (Twain 7). After that the definition of keeps reappearing all through the entire novel. While the new unravels, it might be apparent that Mark Twain is not using the term in an attacking manner. The definition of " nigger” has been around since at least 1619. The denotation with the term is actually a black person or a member of the dark-skinned race such as Webster's Dictionary. Sometime through the 1800s the connotation from the term changed into something rather offensive.

The word " nigger” is a modification of the earlier term neger, from Middle French negre, from Spanish or Costa da prata negro, by negro grayscale from Latin niger. The first noted use of the term in the U. S. was at 1619 when ever John Rolfe, a British colonist, wrote a diary admittance using the term to describe a boatful of newly appeared African slaves. The way Rolfe spelled " nigger”, " negar” was due to the " general not enough uniform literacy standards inside the 17th century” (" The N-Word”). During this period, " nigger” solely designed a dark person and was just used like a name intended for black persons. As more time passed, this is developed into something different entirely.

" Nigger” is closely associated with captivity and the mistreatment of African Americans. Slaves date back to many years ago. Inside the Slavery through History: Almanac, on page 2-3, the almanac says, " Historians believe it [slavery] happened around 10, 500 years ago. ” Slaves in that time were prisoners of warfare tamed just like wild monsters. Then in 3500 B. C. At the., a new kind of slavery known as debt slavery was used and frequently led to lifelong imprisonment (Sylvester 2-3). From then on, the servant trade arrived and human beings were being shipped across the Ocean Ocean making an extreme amount of income in the 18th and nineteenth centuries. Inside the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, on page fifty-one when John told Huck why this individual ran away, he informed Huck that Miss Watson was going to offer him to New Orleans for eight hundred dollars. Eight 100 dollars was a lot of money in the 1800s and slaves were very beneficial. Slaves were mainly used pertaining to labor and were cured very inadequately.

During the 1800s, white People in america " set up a racist ‘hierarchy' designed to suppress the advancement of African Americans” (" The N-Word”). Students were trained that whites were higher than blacks and scientists offered " proof” for how inferior the black race was. In order to dehumanize the two free and enslaved blacks, whites applied the term " nigger” to refer to blacks. Blacks started out using racist slurs just like " nigger” to refer to one another in the 1820s. When Jim was speaking about Jack in chapter 18, he said, " Dat Jack's a great nigger…” (Twain 133). This kind of shows that Africa Americans recognized the names that whites known as them. Inside the mid-1800s, the Civil War broke away and resulted in favor with the slaves. On page 117 inside the Slavery during History: Biographies, the book says, " By the end from the Civil War around 3 million slaves had been freed”. Freedom was great for individuals who achieved it but freedom was included with a price. Not every white Us citizens were interested in the derogation of captivity. The South was not ready to move to equal legal rights and nationality for the black human population (Sylvester 218). Whites portrayed their attaque by phoning blacks " niggers. ” This was if the term's which means changed coming from positive to negative. The term no longer proceeded to go past especially meaning a black person. " Nigger” became a sort of racism and was used to hurt African Americans. There are even customer goods employing " nigger” in their titles such as a type of canned seafood called " Nigger Head” and your brand of tobacco called " NiggerHair” (" The N-Word”).

By the 20th hundred years, some white wines...

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