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 The Good Your life Essay



" Will you be sure this is just what you really want? ” asked Betsy. " Of course this is what I have to do! ” replied Vivian as they went into the neighborhood barbershop. Vivian was an idealist admin at an area law workplace. Although she really loved her work, she dreamed of a better existence of celebrity and grandeur. Vivian seated down in the tall, unpleasant barber couch as the girl asked him for the most popular Clara Bend haircut. Because the high solemn klipper (daglig tale) began to cut off her lengthy silky curly hair Vivian started to picture her new your life. " Imagine about it Betsy, I could always be the next Roxanne Grace! Performing every night and having all the men deliver me items … more than likely it just be wonderful! ” " If you say thus! ” replied Betsy who was simple but beautiful woman. Betsy was recently wedded to a wonderful man called George. Most she at any time wanted was to be in a warm home with a supportive family. Contrary to her best friend Vivian, Betsy had zero desire to get on stage and perform in order to drink, smoking or wager – like so many ladies were carrying out at the time.

The herrefris?r finally completed cutting her hair. Vivian stood up out of the barber's chair and looked into the mirror. She looked different – the girl could not believe that how great the lady looked which has a bob. " What do you believe Betz? ” she asked ecstatically. " Isn't it just the bee's knees!? ”

" It is absolutely something! ” replied Betsy with a minor touch of sarcasm. They left the barbershop and went down the block for the local drug store. Betsy needed to pick up some Aspironal for her spouse George who had a slight frosty. While Betsy was expecting the druggist Vivian pondered off into the new makeup section. Following your pharmacist gave Betsy her bottle of Aspironal your woman yelled cya to Vivian and travelled home with her sick – but caring husband. Vivian browsed the makeup section for a while. The sole women Vivian knew whom wore makeup were loose charity ladies. Although Vivian did not want to be seen as a charity girl, the girl really wanted to see how she'd look after some more color on her deal with. She finally settled on a tube of raspberry lipstick, eyeliner and a few rouge. She couldn't wait to go back home and make an effort some on. As Vivian left the drug retail store she discovered a extra tall and attractive man walking down the street. " Hello, gorgeous day just isn't it” emerged a profound gravel voice. " Sure is” Vivian replied as she moved off the suppress of the medicine store. After having a minute of silence because they were jogging towards the coach stop the person turned and asked " What's your name doll? ” Ecstatic that he was talking with her, the lady replied shyly " I am Vivian Lane. What is your name? ” With a smile he responded " Henry Walker”. That they arrived at the bus quit and a sizable bus chin up beside all of them. " It was nice to meet you Mister. Henry Walker” announced Vivian as the girl began approaching the tour bus. Henry began to follow her onto the bus and proceeded to sit next to her. Vivian became deeply interested in Henry. As they spoke Henry pointed out he was the owner of a speakeasy nightclub known as the Blue Heaven exactly where Vivian's ideal Roxanne Style performed at night. Vivian could hardly believe her ears! Not merely was Holly handsome nevertheless he could also make her dreams becoming reality! Her encounter lit up as she described that all she dreamed of was being a artist like Roxanne. " Is that so? I might have a position open! ” declared Holly. From that minute Vivian's existence changed coming from a dream in a reality.


Henry chosen her up the next day and took her shopping. This individual took her to various clothes stores – and bought her a new outfit each and every stop. The girl could not consider all of the different styles and colors that were available. She ended up with several new clothing – and not one of the dresses or pants hit her below her knee! This individual walked her back to her apartment and told her to get " dolled up” and that he would be back by seven to choose her up.

The lady ran upstairs anxiously prepared to try on her new garments...

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