The Stormy Season of Bangladesh

 The Rainy Season of Bangladesh Research Paper

The Rainy Season In Bangladesh


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By Moktadir

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The Rainy season is one of the six conditions. It comes after the summer. Ashar and Shrabon are the several weeks of the stormy seasons. In fact rain sets in our region in the middle of june and continues up to the central of Sept. 2010. In the wet season the sky is usually overcast with deep black clouds. The sun can barely be seen. The rivers happen to be full for the brim. If there is sufficient rainfall, the joys in the farmers find out no certain. They plough their royaume and sow seeds in time. Our maqui berry farmers can not obtain a good collect if it does not rain over time. Rain water washes away the filth and clears the atmosphere. The rainy periods has some demerits too. This rains greatly for days jointly. Heave rain fall causes avalanche. Flood may result in untold sorrow, sufferings and miseries. There may be water almost everywhere. Roads turn into muddy. Persons can not step out. Different disorders like malaria, diarrhea, fatigue break out in an epidemic coming from. They take aside many lives. The rainy season is the central and useful season inside our country. Cultivation which is living blood of the economy depends upon this rainfall.

The Wet Season of Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is a land of six conditions. The stormy in one of the all of them. It comprise the Bengli month of Ashar and Sravan. After having a long mean of hot weather, the rainy season incorporates showers to cool the earth. Our economic system, culture and way of life happen to be loosely associated with it. В The wet season is usually caused by monsoon. The the west monsoon which a bole over Bangladesh through the Bay of Bengal gives many gases with that. As a result, right now there occurs hefty rainfall throughout the monsoon inside our country. During the rainy period the sky often is still overcast with thick dark-colored lauds that cover across the sky close to the earths suffers surface area. Violent blasts of blowing wind blow, light, flasher and thunder roar. The sun is still hidden at the rear of of the atmosphere and this rains in torrents. Occasionally, there is ongoing rain for the together. The reduced lying countries go under normal water and look like a vast linen of drinking water. The wet season undoubtedly does need to good to us. Name assumes a fresh appearance with the advent of the rainy period. The panorama appears green. The rainwater washes apart the dirt and purifies the surface of the the planet. It lessons the intense heat of summer. It makes our area alluvial, suitable for farming and ideal for growing better crops. The atmosphere turns into clean and free of dust. The rainy season in rather than an unmixed benefit all the times. They have disadvantage too. During the season the tracks in the country become dull and smooth and as such persons can not go from one destination to other place foot easily. Sometimes weighty rainfall terme conseille the financial institutions of the streams and causes floods, which destruction our seeds, cattle, houses and homes. But no matter what demerits with the rainy period, it is the most crucial and beneficial season in our country. The prosperity and development of each of our agriculture, which can be the cardiovascular of our economic climate largely, be based upon the whim of the wet season. The individuals of Bangladesh always pleasant it and like to enjoy its natural beauty.

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Regarding Album: Bloom is one of a best thing in the world. In Bangladesh lots of flowers are available. Exclusively in the rainy season a few special bloom are found just like beli, chapa, dolan chapeta, kadam etc . We are given some of that flower in this gallery

Allamanda | Thi Orchid | Padma

yellow-KRISHNOCHURA | Sonalu-(Cassia-fistula) | Flower

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