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п»їDifferences and Inequality

Difference in line with the Oxford Dictionary* is a thing distinct, independent or not the same. When everything is different, they may be distinguishable in nature, contact form or top quality. Once you comprehend the meaning in the word ‘difference' you can then continue to explain how it relates to social variations. Social differences may be known as differences in era, ethnicity, religious beliefs, race and physical abilities/disabilities.

Differences, whether real or perhaps perceived, include a direct effect upon inequality. Inequality in contemporary society can be seen as being a lack of stability between persons in the form of prosperity distribution, chances available and other resources that happen to be shared within a society. There is also inequalities intended for the handicapped in gaining access to community transport, retailers doors and pavements/sidewalks.

City Road provides a good example of differences in a society. This kind of street contains a wide variety of restaurants/cafes and take-away shops, most serving food from across the globe. These restaurants and take-away shops cater for different people that have varied nutritional needs and tastes. In addition they vary in price thereby serving food of varying top quality according to cost of making the type of meals they provide.

Inequality on City Road can best be exhibited by the tale of a desolate person called John Arthur**. John is visible as a common example of inequality within culture. A lack of employment, a difficult childhood and drug abuse all deliver John to feeling like he have been excluded by society.

Variations between individuals and how contemporary society emphasises these kinds of differences result in inequalities.


Over the internet this component enjoyable as I find cultural science a fascinating and challenging subject. It is difficult to find a chance to study also to relate in my own words my understanding of what I have read. However , I am looking forward to the remainder of my program.


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