Understanding roles, tasks and human relationships in education and teaching

 Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships in education and training Research Paper

Assignment 301

Understanding roles, tasks and relationships in education and teaching.

Task N Reflective Accounts

In this project I will discuss key areas of legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice in relation to my own function as a Innovative Learning Practitioner working with adults. I will reflect on the Teacher/Training cycle and make reference to exactly where my position is relevant and any limitations involved whenever using students within a creative setting. I will likewise reference ground rules and how to encourage appropriate behaviour and admiration within a safe learning environment.

Legal guidelines is essential in order for a civilised society to function effectively and appropriately and to provide standard Teacher/Leaner Roles. Legislation a legal requirement. Code of Practice is a group of rules outlining how a person in a particular situation is expected to behave. Tutors are obliged to comply with current laws and codes of practice, and meet the requirements of them. Guidelines ensures that college students are all given equal options and as well as the same standard of care and attention.

For example:

I actually teach apprentices aged 18 - 21 principles of the create and cultural sector. It is an essential part of my role to ascertain a safe and supportive office through a number of different methods to be able to create the ideal environment intended for learning. Each time a new group or scholar begins the course, it is important to establish rules for the sessions. In this particular it's important the students come together to establish these types of rules to be able to ensure they have a sense of ownership over the rules also the sessions. Ground Rules may include the importance of punctuality, esteem amongst associates of the group, improving health and protection regulations and codes of practice, improving other peoples contributions etc. This is vital to every fresh starter. Throughout the induction We would also speak about all...

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