Venus Job

 Venus Job Essay

The Venus Project's " thinking town is either an inspirational concept in fresh city style or a impressive visual dream with small practical basis. It is, actually difficult to interpret which Jacque Fresco's elaborate designs belong to because of the vague, overly simple, often unknown and rather pedantic language used to identify these interesting concepts. Beneath the umbrella concept of " Urban centers that Think”Fresco includes a Cybernated Government, School of Global Source Management, Subterranean Cities and Intelligent Real estate. Reality aside, the project's designs on the whole city planning, vehicles, fuel, real estate and fun are inventive, very attractive and suggestive of the clean, energy-efficient and efficient future. How a artist's principles are accomplished is another matter.

Here are some examples with their new " world” society:

Cybernated federal government: " A persons mind is usually far too easy to handle and put to sensible use the large information had to operate a highly technical and advanced globe society…Eventually the central cybernated systems can coordinate each of the machinery and equipment that serve the complete city, the nation and eventually the world. One can think of it as an electric automatic nervous system stretching into every area of the sociable complex. ”

Obsolete Economic System: " Our current monetary product is not capable of providing a high standard of living for everyone, neither can it make sure the safety of the environment because the major motive can be profit…In a monetary system purchasing electrical power is certainly not related to the capacity to create goods and services. Today money is employed to regulate our economy not for the advantage of the general inhabitants, but for individuals who control the financial useful nations. ”

Resource-Based Economic climate: " Basically, a resource-based economy utilizes existing resources rather than funds and provides an equitable technique of distributing these types of resources in the most efficient method for the...

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