Sensitive Items

 Sensitive Items Essay

To shed a sensitive item may be detrimental to the readiness of the unit in times of war or training. The consequences of losing sensitive items varies from

item to item relating to it is value and importance. Much more war shedding a hypersensitive item for instance a loaded mbitr radio or an SKL you have just given the enemy a chance to intercept most secure the airwaves transmissions among any two operators in your area if the opponent knows your region or strategies then you have just put all the troops in your area on your frequency, in danger of pleasantly surprised attack. Can you live with the ability that you are responsible for the death of your staff, squad, platoon, unit, or your very own battle good friend or best friend?

To get rid of a very sensitive item can also be a breach of the military services values. It violates the values of Duty and Integrity. This violates duty because with no proper gear you cannot execute your duties. You also let down your platoon and/ or squad by not knowing in which your items are. It violates the sincerity of your self by permitting your platoon down. Your platoon counts on you to make sure you know where all your goods are. 173

Sensitive items are essential because if the enemy obtain them this makes for an extremely bad day. The foe would like just to get a your hands on or system systems and our radios. The adversary wants to understand everything about how the armed service works and about our businesses.

In times of war the greater sensitive something is the more the opponent craves the item. You should never leave equipment lying around. If you notice that your struggle buddy has left 86

any products lying around no matter what it is from patrol cover to an SKL Secure that and make sure you allowed them find out off line the mistake they may have made. No matter what list they are. In the event you lose a sensitive item you may have to fund it by simply losing money and/ or ranking. 58

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