Allen Bundy

 Ted Bundy Essay

Allen Bundy was born on Nov 24, 1946 at the At the Lund Home for Unwed Mothers in Burlington, Vermont. Bundy's mother Eleanor Louise Cowell was not committed and still today does not understand who the true father can be. His grandma and grandpa took him in as though he were their own child and changed his name, he became Theodore Robert Cowell. Bundy were raised believing that his mom was his older sister. He never specified if he found out that Louise was his mom, it has been stated that he found out in senior high school or he found out after a traumatic breakup with a college girlfriend. Louise met a guy named Johnny Bundy at a singles night and later married him and implemented Ted which in turn changed his last name to Bundy. In Bundy's that high school year he would go to the library and show up private eye magazines and books that focused on intimate and violent crimes. This individual became a compulsive shoplifter he was arrested twice as a juvenile offender require records afterwards were removed.

Bundy committed his first homicide in 1972 yet his first known murders were fully commited in mid 1970s, he was 28. Before using the his murders he was charged of murdering Kathy Devine but DNA evidence resulted in another guys arrest. Using the killing in Washington State his 1st victim was Joni Lenz. Bundy in January four, 1974 this individual entered her dorm room, struck her inside the head with a metal piece from her bed coming from and then sexually assaulted her. She endured permanent mind damage and was found the next day in a coma laying in a pool of blood vessels. Lynda Ann Healy was his subsequent victim. Upon February one particular, 1974 he broke into her place rendered her unconscious and carried her away within a bed linen. Many pupils reported a person with whether cast in the leg or maybe a cast in the arm unable to carry an object. On This summer 14, 1974 he abducted Janice Ott and Denise Naslund. Later that day eight each person told law enforcement Ted was with her.

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