Youth in the Nation Song Summary

 Youth of the Nation Music Summary Composition

Anthony Milano10/31/08

Music with a Meaning - ReportMrs. Wright

" Youth of the Nation” by simply P. To. D. contains a very strong meaning. The general concept is about kids being bullied, and not installing it. The song is around three people facing common problems in the united states.

In the first stanza from the song, it really is talking about a college shooting. This kind of stanza is based on the school shootings of Santana High School and Columbine. This part to me had the most powerful concept. I realized that bullying a youngster too much can cause irrational items. This component alone is promoting how I handle other people.

The other stanza is around a girl that is searching for take pleasure in. The girl's father kept her, and now this girl will appear anywhere for love. Her ends up trying to find love in the wrong spots, and looses all respect for himself. The concept for this component is don't let trying to become loved let you lose respect for yourself.

The third stanza is all about a boy Johnny who will whatever it takes to fit in. Johnny wished to fit in too bad and he wanted to become cool, and he thought that all the only way to get noticed was to take his life. This kind of part of the music is very strong. P. O. D. is intending to tell individuals who there is always another choice besides suicide.

" Youngsters of the Nation” covers several things that teenagers deal with in America. I think the overall message that P. To. D. is trying to receive across, is usually that the youth of America is falling apart due to everyday concerns. I believe this song inspires the youth of the land to change, and be more careful with the approach they treat others.

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